Types and Benefit of Awnings in our day to day setup

Awnings are projections or secondary attachments fixed to the exterior wall over doors and windows of the building. It is not a roof but is more like a ledge constructed quickly over the windows.

Types of Awnings

Outdoor awnings
Outdoor awnings

Awnings differ on many aspects like the operation type, place it is used in, material used and styles. When it comes to operation types, there are two important types that are available:

  • Permanent structure comes with a welded frame attached to the side of a building permanently. Generally, an aluminum structure is used to form the base on which an aluminum sheeting or some other material is used.
  • Temporary structures are further classified into three categories:
    • Motorized which uses an electric mechanism to roll it when needed
    • Retractable that can be folded in and out either manually or using a remote
    • Portable awning that are freestanding and moved from place to place

Many different materials like canvas, polyester, metal, glass or heavy duty screens can be used to construct awnings. Domestic awnings are used at homes to block sunlight or harsh weathers like snowfall. The ones used in commercial places like buildings, apartments, restaurants and offices are used for decorative purposes as well as an advertising tool. When it comes to styles, awnings greatly differ as these can be styled according to our wish but the commonly used styles are dome-shaped, slope, crescent and waterfall shapes.


Uses of Awnings

  • Save Energy: If these awnings are well placed and build properly, it will enable considerable energy savings as it blocks the sunlight and reduces the cost spent for cooling.
  • Improve the Aesthetic Value: The various custom awnings available in the market will help you to improve the overall look of your office space by adding more color and a dramatic effect.
  • Expand the Space Outside: When installed outside a restaurant or a retail shop, awnings will give you the option of additional space to maybe just add a seating area outside as these awnings will provide shade and shelter to your customers.
  • Branding purposes: The company’s name can be printed on these expansive awnings itself thus attracting more customers. It will enable your commercial space to stand out and enhance the architectural look of your building. It will help your customers in identifying the spot exactly without much trouble as this functions as a signboard.
  • Longevity saves more cost: As the materials used for constructing these awnings can last for years, the savings that it brings in the form of energy saving, advertising costs and renovation costs will be greater.
  • Preserve interior from UV glares: When windows are left open during the day, the interiors like tables, couches etc. are exposed to direct sunlight. Over a long duration of exposure, these interiors can be damaged or they can be deteriorates in quality by losing color and appeal. When awnings are placed over such windows it blocks out the UV rays and protects the interiors.
  • Protection from harsh weather conditions: The main purpose of these awnings would be to provide you protection from harsh climatic conditions like strong winds, snowfall, rain and sunlight. As some materials that are used to construct the awnings are easy to clean, not much care needs to go into maintaining it. If you feel that these are not needed during the normal breezy days, it can be simply retracted if the temporary awnings are used.

The awnings available in the market these days are unique and robust and some come with special features like digitally printed covers, fire-resistant materials and sensor-operated that unfolds based on weather. Based upon the functionality, size and purpose of the awning the appropriate fabric and frame can be selected along with the operational type.


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