Guidelines for Selecting Best Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where women spend most of their time preparing food for the family. Storing food items is the most imortant aspect that needs to be considered while constructing your kitchen. Thus, kitchen cabinets are considered to be the backbone and the most integral part of kitchen designing. Thus, one has to do some kind of market research / survey through visiting websites and also take a look at the displays in the store, before finalizing the kitchen cabinets. Following features need to be looked upon while deciding on the kitchen cabinet:

Kitchen Cabinet


Types of kitchen cabinets

Three kinds of kitchen cabinets are available in the market that suits to any budget decided.

  • Stock cabinets are the pre-assembled cabinets in specific sizes. Some cabinets may require little assembly. These are the budget cabinets that are not expensive.
    1. If one does not require stylish cabinet or does not have particular demand, stock cabinet are the best option.
    2. The problem with these cabinets is that often thinly veneered particleboard is used for construction instead of plywood.                                     
  • Semi-custom cabinets have more styles, options, and configurations as per requirements and specifications that fits your kitchen, such as:
    1. the size of the cabinet,
    2. materials used for construction,
    3. the finish of the cabinet,
    4. Moldings and
    5. other accessories
    6. However, like stock cabinets, the cabinet box can be constructed using veneered particle board instead of plywood of high quality.
  • Custom cabinets are the most expensive of all the three types. Being expensive, it includes many added feature and these are fully customized as per the consumer’s requirements.
    1. The box is constructed using plywood and other premium quality materials. The width of the box is a ¼ inch more compared to the typical width of 3 inches.


Finalizing the style

Kitchen Cabinet


Construction of the cabinet

The quality of kitchen cabinets depends on the construction, that is materials used and how they are fixed or put together. One should take a close look at the construction of drawers as they require a lot of joining that should be durable and long lasting. Some of the important features to be considered are:

  • Materials used for constructing cabinets are particle board, plywood, Medium Density Fibre board (MDF), solid wood, laminate/ melamine and metal. The cabinets should have solid woods drawers and the joints must be of the dovetail. The doors also must be made of a solid wooden frame surrounded by either solid wood / plywood panel.
  • The design of the cabinet could be:
    1. Framed cabinets that consist of a predesigned box with a frame used for attaching the doors and drawers.
    2. The frameless style (European style cabinets) has no frame, the doors and drawers are attached directly to the box. The frameless style has contemporary look design. The interior of the cabinet is easily accessible.
  • Hardware of the cabinet for doors and the drawers.
    1. The hardware doors should be fully adjustable so that the gap between the door and the box should be uniform.
    2. One can also include additional features such as spice organizers and other pull-out pantries while purchasing moderately priced cabinets.
    3. The sliding used for drawers should be convenient. Ball bearings, nylon wheels are used for sliding feature.
    4. The mounting brackets of the shelf can be made of metal or of plastic.

Thus, after narrowing down various options one can decide on the type of kitchen cabinet best suited for your requirements by choosing certified brand as these cabinets should survive exposure to humidity, temperatures ranging from -5 to 120ºF, and also spilling of food items such as vinegar, fruit juices, lemon, ketchup or coffee should not discolor or cause damage to the cabinet.


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