Tapware Trends: Hot Styles And Cool Looks In Demand For 2016


Renovating your bathroom is a big move and needs good investment of both money and time. Before you even begin to introduce changes and purchase bathroom ware from the market, it is important to device a solid plan and do detailed research. Along with other items on your bathroom renovation wish list, tapware and basin are sterral heroes that can deliver dazzling performance when it comes to enjoying aesthetics, comfort and relaxation time.

Taps and faucets not only control the water flow, but they are also seen as indispensable essentials that contribute to increasing both elegance and value of your bathroom space. So if you are planning renovation but are still confused in the matters of what color, shape or style to choose from the whole available tapware collection, you will get some inspiration here. You can read on to know the kind of bathroom trends that are screaming loud in 2016.

Color preferences

Though shape and themes used for designing the bathroom puts much wider impact on tapware choices, the color of taps has its own importance in creating a much beloved bathroom basin. The fact that taps must be compatible with the color and style of basin is enough to inspire a contemporary range of colors. Latest trends in tapware 2016 revolve greatly around the choice of color – matte black, light orange, cream, silver, light teal. The main logic that is usually considered when selecting a suitable color of tapware is the focus on matching the tap design with bathroom ceramics. This sort of color preferences help create an inviting environment.


Styles and modernism

As the culture evolves and urban civilization grows around appreciating refined balance between design and functionality, cosmopolitan taps are hitting the top spot among when it comes to choosing modernist approach over traditional design. This kind of taps are tremendous combination of minimalist shapes and bold architecture inspired by advanced engineering. Since bathroom is no longer a space of quick-shower-and-brush sessions and people increasingly see it as a personalized environment of relaxation and mental vitality, the design preferences of urban individuals have evolved. 2016 is becoming the year of buying aesthetically pleasing tapware that visibly enhance the look and feel of basin and bathroom surrounds.

Water conservation

It is not bad to be a little frugal around the idea of conserving water and using it as much as you need. This is the approach many civilized individuals adopt while selecting the most impressive yet economical tapware. Water conservation is also trending amongst people who believe going eco-friendly with natural resources. Thanks to advanced innovations and creative engineers, now it is possible to design special taps with medium or automatic water flow. Automatic mechanism of taps allow you to use water only when you place your hands right beneath the tap mouth, which helps save water.

Love for Nature

Some people love to be called naturists as they feel more pampered, blessed and secure in natural surroundings, which is now becoming one of the sophisticated trends in 2016. They choose only organic shapes and style that matches their personal tastes, vision and approach. People who are fond of nature want all the bathroom details to openly flaunt their inclinations and belief in nature and natural objects. Nature plays perfect partner especially when you want to feel tranquil and composed during the time you are in bathroom. Many bathroom accessories vendors house the creative range of Tapware that are designed to go hand in hand with natural style. Taps and faucets thus manufactured resemble specific shapes of objects gifted by nature to create a peaceful, natural ambience.


Authentic class and creativity

Words like class and traditions are still not out of fashion as 2016 trends suggest that there are good number of people who are seen making a noticeable shift towards curvaceous shapes and refined styles used in classic architecture. The authenticity in taste and look is furiously back with traditional interiors finding a glorious place in bathroom space of class lovers. This type of designs creates comfort and luxury with nostalgic inspiration, so the tapware and fittings reflect nothing but creative period-style charisma.


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