How do you fix the blocked toilet problems in your home?

When it comes to blocked drains, plumbers should be called; however, in the case of your bathroom, you should get on with it and see if you can fix the issue if you can’t then you always have the option to fall back on your plumber. If you are facing some blocked toilet problems in your home then you must call some specialists who can easily deal with these issues. Apart from that, it is suggested to avoid such harmful chemical for the clearance your blocked toilet because these chemicals can spread some serious illness in your family. You can try some warm water, or some plunger to clean the drain in your toilet. But this is not a permanent solution for your toilet, and you need to hire some professional plumbers who can clear your drain and fix the pipelines issues accordingly.

What are the Tools that you would require?

Blocked Toilet
Blocked Toilet

Like most of the minor plumbing works, when it comes to cleaning your bathroom drains, you would require the following 2 tools

  • A Plunger, and
  • A Snake

With the help of these 2 tools you can easily clean the blocked drains. However, you must remember, that you can’t work with these if you have a weak arm and you are not in a position to apply pressure.

Tips to Clean the Toilet Drains

When it comes to a blocked toilet, a plunger should suffice. Most of the blocked toilets are an essentially slow drainer, which means the bowl is being partially filled by the flush water; as a result, the waste is not rushed out with sufficient force. It might take you a couple of flushes in order to determine that you have a blocked toilet.

  • Insert the plunger into the toilet drain. Your first couple of plunges should be gentle. After some time, the bell would be filled with air. If you give it a hard thrust right from the word go, then it will blow the water all over the bathroom
  • Once you have managed to force the air out, now it is time to plunge in and out with some pressure. In this process, you are essentially forcing the water towards both the direction which would eventually result in losing of most of the clogs. Continue plunging for at least 10 minutes and try to pull out the garbage from your drainage system.
  • You must alter your strokes with heavy and light ones in order to avoid tiredness. It is suggested to wear gloves and mask during this process because harmful gases evaporate from the blocked drain and it is very harmful for your health. You need to be very cautious about this system.

Use some snake to clear your blocked toilet:

Blocked Toilet
Blocked Toilet

If the plunger doesn’t work for you, then you need to reach out for the snake. A drain snake is essentially a long coiled wire which contains a tip with a corkscrew. You need to insert this wire inside the pipe. After it has been inserted, you need to turn the snake in a clockwise direction so that it creates enough pressure and breaks through the blockage.

Snakes are very effective when it comes to clearing toilet blockages. Even the most ordinary of the snakes work. However, as mentioned, you need to apply enough force so that the wastes which got accumulated in the pipe are loosened and can be flushed out with water.

If you are still suffering with your blocked toilet problem after using these DIY methods, then you can contact with the nearest blocked toilet clearance services. They will come and find the exact problems. Then they will fix these issues permanently.


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