Window Shutter Maintenance – A Couple of Steps

When it comes to the windows of your house, these can be decorated and designed in the most attractive manner. Ventilation is one of the primary objectives of windows, besides, they allow light into your property. Therefore, you need to make sure that the windows are designed and planned in a way which serves both the purposes. Apart from these, windows can add to the decor of your house. One of the most popular ways to make windows look attractive is by adding shutters to them. Window shutters are available in different colors, shapes, and designs. These shutters can certainly add an extra dimension to the looks of your windows.

Window Shutters
Window Shutters

When it comes to the window shutters, there are different quality and materials which are available. Some of them are quite expensive while the others are relatively cheaper. Whatever the quality and the price might be, there is one common aspect that can be associated to all of them, and that is these need to be maintained properly and must be taken care of. You must ensure that the window shutters are cleaned at a regular interval and they are kept free from all kinds of dust and dirt. In the following section of this article, you will be offered a couple of useful tips that will help you maintain your window shutters.

A Couple of Tips for Window Shutters Maintenance:  

When it comes to cleaning the window shutters, there are a couple of things which you would need. Here they are

  • Dusting Cloth
  • Vacuum Cleaner along with a soft brush
  • A Toothbrush
  • Wood polish

Once you have arranged all these items, it is the right time to get on with the cleaning process.

Here Are A Couple of Steps Which You Would Find Useful:

  • You are supposed to clean the shutters at least twice a week. The frequency would depend on upon certain factors like the environment you live in, pollen, pet hair, and others. You need to use your vacuum cleaner. Use the soft brush which is attached to the nose of the vacuum cleaner. Then gently vacuum the shutters in order to get rid of the dust and debris which have accumulated on them.
  • Apply some wood polish on the dusting cloth and then thoroughly dust the window shutters. If the shutters are beyond your reach, in that case, you would require a small ladder or r stepping stool to get hold of it. It is advisable that you avoid using a table or a chair as they are not always fit to carry your weight. Make sure that you have placed the ladder or the stool on a plain surface.
  • In case of corrosion free metal used in shutters, you can use a wet cloth to gently rub it. Before that, make sure that you have used your duster to get rid of the loose dust particles and the dust from the surface of the shutters.  After wiping it with a wet piece of cloth, you can use detergents and other cleaning solutions which would help you to retain the shine of the shutters.
  • If there are small crevices or grooves in your shutter where dust and dirt get accumulated, then you can have a hard time. In that case, you can use a toothbrush. All that you need to do is apply some of the spray polish on the toothbrush and then reach out for those areas. You can also use the vacuum cleaner with a narrow hose to clean these areas.
  • In case of window shutters, don’t forget to apply water resistant coating on them as they would protect your shutters from rain and would retain the shine and quality of the shutters.

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