Top Trending Colors of Sports Apparel That Bring the Game Alive

The world of sports are revolving around costumes, cheerleading practices, helmets, shoes, knickknacks and apparel & accessories. Any sport is incomplete without details of sportswear. Though it may not directly improve the performance of athletes playing their sport, the combination of shoes, apparel and accessories is considered and chosen carefully by any League players moving their legs on the ground. If the white is prevalent on tennis courtyard, sports like baseball, football, cricket and rugby use variety of unique colors for their sports apparel.

Sports Apparel

So when the rush of adrenaline is soaring high and heart is pumping like an animal, athletes don’t want to rush out of their comfort and style they get from specific designs of their clothes. While choosing the design of sports gear, colors define a lot more than just the identity of a team. There must be a meticulous balance between the uniqueness of style and spirit of the game while selecting an appealing combination of two colors.

The colors one choose for any league team sports apparel must reflect vigor, ethos and verve of both team members as well their fanatic fans. So here are the glorious colors that are trending across the field of various contemporary sports. 

Burnt Orange and White

The color of burnt orange had been through many ups and downs in the past. But it has emerged successfully from its notorious history to become a popular athletic gear color in today’s sports. College football games in Texas are infused with burnt orange and white. So the color that has remained unfashionable and discouraging for many years have gained its popularity among sports enthusiasts and bustling team players.

Maize and Blue

Football league teams in Michigan have chosen the combo of Maize and blue for bringing their games alive. Thrilled crowd enjoying the games feel the rush of great passion and vigor as they all wear sports apparel with deep blue and bright yellow. The maize usually gets a little lighter in its shade in accordance with the style choice of team players.

Grey and Black

Nike has been constantly going head over heels for this combination of grey and back. Ever since their belief in this color combo, many sports apparel manufacturers started tailoring special accessories and clothes that enthuse viewers and players equally. Athletes and regular gym freaks are often found running in this comfy, snazzy colors. Yoga pants, track pants, shorts and T-shirts and sleeveless gears are commonly found in grey and black as it suits the style and appeal of men.

Maroon and Yellow

Maroon has become ubiquitously celebrated color in many sports across the world. Any sportsgear adorned with the splash of maroon and yellow makes the overall design standards a sight to behold. USC have made Cardinal (lighter shade of maroon) and yellow their official signature colors since 1985. While keeping the basic color theme in the center, Southern Cal’s sports apparel have remarkably evolved.

Sports Apparel

Scarlet and Grey

Ohio state football chose to adopt the trend that had not been all the rage among other state colleges. The pleasant combination of Scarlet and Grey with suitable complementing helmet have grown as ideal sportsgear. Now a days we can see these colors making their marks on the field of many other outdoor games like Rugby and Cricket and Horse-riding race.

Zesty facts of interest about sports apparel

The Sports Design Blog suggests 33% of MLB teams wear Red and Blue color scheme whereas this trend is popular among 20% of NBA and 12.5% of NFL games.

Red is a star in MLB and the NBA games whereas Navy Blue works well for NFL.

Brown and Maroon are taken as unique colors in all three sports used in certain games.

17 teams follow a 2-color scheme unlike any other team across all three sports.


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