The Most Common Dental Health Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them?

A lifetime of healthy teeth and healthy smiles depends on meticulous dental health care. You trim your nails and get your hair styled but you may not be giving as much time and attention to oral health as is necessary and this could cause serious dental issues. Dental diseases and oral care must be considered as critical issues and you need to consult with some dentist in this regards. These professionals always follow the respective medicinal procurement and they give you the basic suggestions about oral hygiene, and they also give you instant relief from your dental pain and infections.


How to take care of your child’s oral hygiene?

Parents dote on their children and let them eat candy. When it comes to dental health, many may not consider taking their children to a dentist for check up with consequent irreparable damage later on. This is a pitfall to avoid for two reasons:

  • Taking your child to a dentist inculcates the habit in your child and teaches him the importance of dental care.
  • A dentist can detect problems such as misalignment and caries and take appropriate action in time with appropriate orthodontic measures. Misaligned teeth and protruding teeth can be fixed at a tender age and it becomes difficult in older children.

Teeth infection can lead to heart attack:

Ignoring preliminary case of loose teeth or gingivitis in which gums become swollen, could lead to periodontitis. Ignoring receding gums could lead to damaged teeth that will eventually fall out. Ignoring these minor issues could lead to heavy expenses such as tooth extraction or gum surgery at a later date. It is even more important for diabetics because the body then produces cytokines that create insulin resistance, aggravating diabetic conditions. Another great pitfall of ignoring gum and teeth health is that it can lead to coronary artery disease.

Not brushing carefully or choosing the right brush

Brushing your teeth is not a chore. You need to give them loving, meticulous care to ensure they remain free of plaque. Ignoring plaque is a dental pitfall that can lead to dental caries and possible loss of teeth. Ideally one such brush front teeth in an up and down motion and the interior molars with a rotary motion taking care to ensure that the brush tips reach all crevices.

  • Do not brush too vigorously in a hurry to get it over with. It could damage the enamel irreparably.
  • Spend time on each tooth and imagine you are polishing metal. Gentle and persistent brushing will remove plaque.
  • Brush after meals and before going to bed and use mouthwash. But you need to check the composition of the mouthwash as you must not use any chemical for washing or whitening your teeth. In this regards you can consult with an experienced dentist and they will suggest you the medicated mouthwash according to your dental needs.
  • Flossing is not very effective as recent research has shown but you could still practice it to remove particles the brush failed to remove.
Teeth Brushing

Importance of a dentist: 

Ignoring the dentist is the most dangerous dental health pitfall. Your teeth may feel all right but there may be nascent problems that regular visits to a dentist will help uncover and treat.  Preventive checks and timely action by your dentist will prevent development of diabetes, heart trouble and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lastly, do not fall into the dental pitfall of ignoring sensitive teeth. These are early warning signs of serious issues. All it takes to remain free of serious dental problems is a regular visit to your dentist, preferably once a month or once in two months.


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