5 Aspects That Should Be Considered Before Buying Large Rugs

When one proceeds to buy a rug for the room décor, a large rug is usually the first preference of the customer; as this large area rug, can be used for covering the maximum amount of open space on the floor. Due to its large size, it can be securely placed below the legs of most of the furniture pieces, to avoid its slipping out of place.

Large Rugs
Large Rugs

The large rugs are also used in defining the working areas of the living rooms or bed rooms. In many houses, the entrance ways are also decked up by placing a long rug, increasing the sophistication of the house. The overall appearance of a room can be improved a lot, by placing a large rug of suitable color and pattern.

Important questions that need to be addressed for purchasing large rugs

Though rugs are very important item for home décor, the house owners should check a few questions that should be solved, to get the idea of the large rugs they need to buy from the shops.

Large Rugs
Large Rugs
  1. What should be the exact size of the rug – The smaller sized rugs can make the room look smaller in view. Hence, it is best to buy a large rug that will fit within the maximum open space of the floor, so that at least the front legs of the furniture can be placed over the rug. In the dining room, the rug should be placed below the dining table, whereas the chairs are mostly kept out of it. But in the living room, the sofas and coffee table can all be placed over the rug, if they are arranged in the center of the room. The bedroom rugs are usually placed by the sides of the bed. Hence, the size of the rug should be ascertained by measuring the space in the room, which needs to be covered.
  1. Which material to choose for a rug – When a rug is bought from the shop, it is expected to be durable, a quality that can be achieved only when it is made of sturdy materials, like jute, sisal, coir, knotted wool or thick cotton; which can bear the wear and tear, caused by the legs of the heavy furniture pieces that will be placed over the rug. Moreover, it should be checked that whether the chosen material can be cleaned easily, from all types of dirt and soiling.
  1. What type of pattern should be chosen in a rug – The buyers need to choose the pattern of the rugs, according to the décor style used in their rooms. According to the distinct style features, the rugs can be of Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan and Natural styles. Therefore, the patterns can be of either geometric, abstract or any floral or specific pictorial designs, as per the style used in creating the rug.
  1. Which color of the rug will match the color scheme of the room – Like all other home décor items, a rug also should fit in the color scheme used in the walls, ceiling and the floor of the room. Therefore, when vivid colors are used in a room, the rug should be of a single neutral color, for bringing a contrasting feature. On the other hand, a brightly colored rug can be used in a room with sober colored walls, for putting in more life to the décor.
  1. What should be the budget for buying a rug – The house owner should have a minimum idea about the price ranges of the large rugs, available in the market. Then he/she can set a fixed budget for buying the rug, depending on his/her choice and requirements and get quotes from the online or local shops, about the prices of different rugs.

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you when you are planning to buy large rugs for your home.


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