Top 7 Tips to Maintain Your Hydronic Heater & Keep It Functioning

Many people have replaced their conventional heaters with hydronic heaters as they definitely look for healthy and comfortable home environments that go with the low noise heating systems. These systems are energy efficient and offer low energy charges. They are green solutions for families looking for safe and sound heating systems. The hydronic heaters are more flexible and economical and help in passing warm or hot water through radiators or tubing systems.

Besides having benefits from the heating systems, it is important to take the best care of them. To keep the heaters in the working conditions, proper maintenance at regular intervals is mandatory. Ignoring to safeguard the heaters can lead you in a state of major concern at a later stage of use.

Tips to maintain hydronic heaters

Hydronic Heaters
Hydronic Heaters

Before learning about the maintenance tips, it is essential to know the major components of the hydronic system. The major three components of the entire systems include heat pump, solar panels and radiant floor pipes. These three parts are to be checked regularly and made sure that they are not hindered through any kind of external objects.

Let us check out some important tips required for the maintenance of the heat systems.

  1. Homeowners should make it a point to check filters once or twice every month and replace it with a new one quarterly.
  2. Dust particles are to be cleaned from open joints, ductwork, furnace combustion system, and from blowers as well. If not cleaned, the dust particles can get accumulated and interrupt the circulation of water. If you are unable to spare time for cleaning, you can hire a technician once in every three to four months for cleaning purposes. Besides cleaning, he shall check if other things are working in a right manner or not. If there is any issue, he shall repair it without taking much time of yours.
  3. The solar panels of the systems tend to collect waste particles such as animal’s or bird’s waste, leaves and other things that come through wind. Make sure to clean them regularly. In addition to this, the solar panel should be placed in a location where the sun exposure is high.
  4. Make sure to keep an eye on the pressure and temperature. The basic measurements that should be remembered are- pressure in between 12 and 25 PSI and the temperature between 180 and 200-degree F. In any case, the measurement exceeds, call a professional and seek help.
  5. As the technicians, cannot visit your place often, it is better to understand few aspects of efficient heating. For instance, knowledge about the working methodology of the system can be learnt. If any minor issue pops up, it can be dealt easily without calling the technician.
  6. Oil filters and oil nozzles should be replaced at least once in every year. Also, make sure to throw away the old parts instead of keeping them for future use as they might be harmful for the health and environment.
  7. Finally, call up the technician if any major issue is identified in the hydronic heaters. They have the right knowledge and years of experience to recognize the root cause of the problem and solve it effectively. Keep the technician’s contact details handy.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, make that you look after your efficient hydronic system regularly. Having background awareness about the heating systems will help you in right maintenance. Moreover, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to check if everything is running smoothly. If not, it is vital to take the right action without wasting much time.


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