Translate Your Love for Your Car with Regular Maintenance by Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic

Most people spend a lot of time and money on whatever they love. If they have children, the parents ensure that their kids get the best things in life. If they have pets, you can see the doting owners showering them with love and attention. When it comes to cars there is no reason to slam the door and walk away once it has served the purpose. Think of your car as Herbie the sentimental love bug with a heart.  Do not break his heart. If you do not pour a pint of beer in his gas tank, at least give him the minimum he expects: regular service.

Cars are getting better

At one time people developed a reputation for turning out cars whose doors would fall off. Those days are over. Today’s spanking new cars will run smoothly without so much as a grunt for years. New car owners only need to change oil and filters, wash their car and give it an occasional polish on the weekends. It might not require any engine work for five years if you take good care of the car. You can safely neglect it. Just because cars will take so much rough handling is no reason to ignore its needs. Yes, even if they are getting better, cars will continue to run their hearts out for you if you give them some care. Take them to a proper mechanic and have them undergo a thorough check up at the car doctor’s clinic. The cost of neglect can be high. At best you might be stranded on a freeway. At worst, brakes could fail and you could have an accident.

Showing your car, you care

Your car deserves more than an occasional pat on the bonnet. Think of it as a precision device that can be ready to go at any time and perform well. So as an owner you should carry out minimum checks on a regular basis each time you get into the car and before it:

  • Check tires for inflation and for wear.
  • Loose parts on the exterior, handles that feel wobbly and doors that do not close tight
  • Start the engine and listen to the sound as you rev it. If there is any change, it is time to take your lovely car to an expert car mechanic. Check indicator lights, headlights and dashboard.
  • Check engine oil level every month.
  • Try out brakes by taking a short drive and applying brakes hard.
  • Give the car a wash, inside out and underneath: he will look his best for you.

The car mechanic is your friend and your car’s friend

Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic

There are times when your car, just like your pet, benefits from a visit to the friendly and expert car mechanic. Do not trust a tinkerer with your car. He deserves only the best. A mechanic who loves cars and cares for them will:

  • Check the car thoroughly for loose parts, vibrations and other mechanical diagnostics
  • He will check the engine oil. The color and texture of oil tells a lot about state of the engine.
  • If it is time to replace the oil (any good mechanic will tell you to replace oil and filter after 3000 miles but today’s high performance engine and synthetic oils require a change only after 5000 miles, as a well-informed mechanic knows). He will also check brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid.
  • A mechanic is more than just a person who knows about engines and transmission. He must also be conversant with electronics since most cars have some sort of electronic control for ignition, fuel, braking and so on. Fine tuning electronics through programmable setting keeps you’re in top gear.
  • The car’s tires receive a thorough check. If required, he will rotate the tires for even wear and tear and check brakes and underneath the car for any issues.
  • Rubber hoses and rubber parts receive careful attention
  • Chassis is lubricated. Suspension receives a thorough check.

A happy car will make for a happy owner. You do want to be happy with your car, don’t you?


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