Engineered Timber Flooring Expert Helps in Laying, Maintaining And Repairing The Floor

Engineered Timber Flooring

When you choose the installation of the engineered timber floors to enhance the look of your home or office, you must also make it a point to choose the right professional for the task, as it involves time, aesthetic sense and use of money as well. The practice of laying wooden flooring is making a strong comeback due to the natural advantages that it has, as well as the plush and warm tone that the floor is able to impart to the most synthetically embellished interior décor.

Choosing the type of flooring

The laying of this kind of flooring is, however, best done with the help of a good engineered timber flooring Expert who will be able to guide you on the different types of timber flooring available.

  • There are the solid timber flooring that are made out of solid strips of quality wood, that is grown locally, as these are able to withstand the climatic conditions better.
  • The other category are the more popular and the less expensive timber flooring of different types, that are also available in a large range of shades as well as designs to suit the specific interior details.
  • The timber flooring can be of the floating timber attachment type or the laminated timber flooring variant. 

Laying of the flooring

Each of these categories has specific installation methods that have to be carefully followed so that the longevity of the panels and the flooring as a whole is maintained.

  • It is imperative that you have the engineered timber flooring Expert to do the job of laying. Though the initial costs may be slightly higher, it will ultimately pay off in the long run.
  • Even the most durable solid wood timber floor has a life and can get damaged. They may become brittle, wrap and incur damage due to which they may have to be replaced with the matching flooring boards.
  • It will require expertise to remove several damaged boards to minimize the visual impact by the use of the several joists while lifting them.

Repairing and cleaning

Cleaning of the timber flooring is something much like carpet cleaning that has to be done manually by the house owner and call the engineered timber flooring Expert cleaners when the stains are too strong.

  • While engineered flooring when handled with care usually does not take the stain easily, they cannot be cleaned with spirit and other cleaning chemicals.
  • The hardwood timber flooring, on the other hand, can be cleaned by the experts with the help of fast drying liquids that take away the stains, and that also enable the full view of the timber grains after the cleaning.
  • Along with the repair of the tongue and the groove timber floorboards the experts also carry out all the complete and polishing works.
Timber Flooring

The fine sanding and polishing 

Sanding is perhaps the most important way to enhance the look of the floor and make it stylish as when new. There are specific specialist experts that carry out the sanding that is effective in removing the not just the stains, but also the cuts and the dents that develop on the surface over time.

Modern technology supports the use of the dust-free Sanders and machines that will help you get back the original shine without affecting the immediate environment of your home. The stages of the process are the preparation of the floor, sanding with the help of advanced machines and applying the final finish with a coat of oil or any other preferred product.


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