4 Tips For Purchasing and Installing Security Camera Systems

Owing to the increasing rate of criminal activities, security camera systems have become one of the most important and regular parts of our everyday life. The higher the numbers of crime, the more surveillance is needed.

A CCTV or the security camera is a must have a thing for an office and a home, especially if it’s situated in a secluded area. Even though most of the times, people tend to ignore these modes of security, but one must spend a significant amount of time in learning about purchasing and installing the camera systems.

Security Camera Systems

How to purchase and install security camera systems?

#1. Questions to ask before security camera systems:

There are a few questions that one should think before going to buy CCTV security products. Some of these questions are the following:

  • Do you require a record and monitor system?
  • Do you have a preference for the wired ones or the non-wired ones?
  • Will the system be indoor or outdoor?
  • What is your budget for the entire system?

#2. Draw a design for your security camera systems:

It is better if you can manage to chalk out the entire plan. This will prevent you wasting your time and save your money from being wasted. Once you put down everything regarding the design of the security camera systems, you will be able to think freely and to come up with different types of ideas. While drawing the design, try to sort out, where you want those cameras to be installed: doors of the house or the office; road-facing windows; large lounge area; garden; driveways etc.

 #3. Type of the security camera:

On the basis of your requirements, you need to find out the exact CCTV camera for your office or house. This is why you need to make the plan beforehand and otherwise, things can get really confusing. Whatever type you decide, your camera system should have some fundamental parts: at least two cameras, Digital Video Recorder or DVR, the wiring of Siamese and BNC cables, and Power cords etc.

You can get a package of a basic home security camera, consisting of 2 or 3 outdoor cameras and a DVR system. In case if you want the camera specifically for the children, you can have one system of 1 or 3 indoor cameras. Apart from that, you will also have to think about kinds of cameras you want: wireless or wired, outdoor or indoor, sensitive to motion only and whether remote viewing or not and so on.

Home Security Cameras

#4.  Setting up camera, recording device and the monitor:

This is necessary to store and view the footage captured by the camera system. You’ll need a DVR for this purpose. The memory storage varies from camera to camera. First, you need to choose a higher and broader place to place your camera. The corner is the obvious choice but you should set the camera in a place where the entrances and exits are clearly visible to you.

Outdoor cameras must be kept at a certain height so that it can’t be reached so easily. Attach the camera to the nearby power source through the plug and in case it’s broken or something, just contact the manufacturer company. Sometimes, the cables do not include the BNC connection. In that case, you can opt for an easy and simple BNC adaptor from the online store.

You have to link the wireless cameras to the computer. Through the BNC cable, you have to attach the monitor to the DVR now. You can attach as many cameras as you want with it. If you find it confusing, you can anytime contact the home security specialists to arrange the customised security camera systems for your home.


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