How Lighting Can Influence the Success of a Hospitality Business

Hospitality Lighting
Hospitality Lighting

The right amount and appropriate lighting will be able to significantly contribute to the success of a hotel or restaurant. If you have the right amount of hospitality lighting, then you will be able to make the guests feel welcome in the hotel. You could ensure their well-being and give them a feeling of being protected. This is the main factor that most hotels concentrate on, whether it is an international chain of hotels or a small family run business. When someone walks into a restaurant, they would want to calm down and enjoy the meal without any distractions. But if the place is filled with glaring lights that make them all uncomfortable and uneasy then they will not be able to enjoy the meal. The major requirements for hospitality lighting will vary and decide the right kind could be challenging to anyone. The lights that are used in any restaurant or hotel should be able to support the major theme of the place. If the hotel has a Moroccan theme then you should use lights that are beautifully coloured. Most hotels will go for pale colour schemes so that they will have a wide range of choices in chandeliers, small light fixtures or LED lights.

Hospitality Lighting Has a Direct Effect on Customers

These days the rooms in hotels offer day and night lights so that the customers will be able to change the intensity based on their mood. This is why most people in the hospitality industry say that the hospitality lighting is a combination of art and science. It will be able to influence the mood and tone of the space so that the hotel can manipulate the emotional level of the customers. If you are able to understand how people will respond emotionally to the hospitality lighting, you could design it in such a way that could increase the overall experience of your customer.

  • Lighting is not something that is used just for the purpose of illumination so that the staff and guests could see. It can influence the experience that individuals have in the premises. The colour that is used in the lights will be able to influence the brain and manage how it processes the emotional stimuli. For example, blue lights that are turned on during the day will be able to stimulate the memory processing capability and emotion regulation parts of the brain. As the blue light has many similarities to the natural sunlight, this will help in making the guests and staff feel better about staying in that place.
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
  • There are other lights that could cause negative effects in the minds of the guests. Red light will be able to develop a sense of depression and darkness in the minds of those who are in that room. So if the designer is able to understand the right combinations, then he will be able to use it in the right way for increasing customer loyalty and also for promoting the business.
  • The main focal point in any restaurant or hotel is the lights. In any restaurant, the best-looking food that the chef can make will depend upon how it is perceived at the table. However good the food may be, if it is brought to a table that is not well lit or is dingy then the customer will not be able to enjoy it completely.
  • Restaurants can use lights for stimulating the senses. If the light that is used is warm and comfortable then they will experience a homely feeling and also enjoy their meal properly.

Hospitality Lighting can influence your customers’ mood and eventually your business. So study the impact each color of light can have on a person or take the help of a professional to decide and choose the right hospitality lighting.


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