Why Do I Need a Car Service Before Monsoon?

Car Service
Car Service

Everyone looks forward to the coming of monsoons especially as it gives respite from the blistering summer heat. However, the monsoon brings with it, its own set of problems and areas of concern, especially for vehicle owners. Therefore, you need to carry out car service before the monsoon to ensure that it works well and gives you trouble free service during the entire rainy season. When a car is well maintained and serviced before the monsoon its life is increased as well.

Here are some tips to take care of your car during car service before the monsoons:

  • You need to check if the tires are in good condition. The treads should be deep enough, preferably more than 2mm in depth. Cracked tires should be replaced at the earliest and the wheels should be properly aligned as well as balanced. This will protect the car from skidding. Rubber softens in contact with water so if the pressure is not maintained, it will lead to problems when driving. The brake liners should be properly lubricated. This is because rain water tends to moisten the brake drums and this decreases the braking efficiency. So these brakes should be well maintained and the brake fluid level needs to be checked and replaced every 50,000 kilometers or every two years. If the brake pads are worn out or not serviced frequently, they will not allow for effective braking.
  • Wiper blades should be checked and replaced annually since they could turn brittle and hard making it almost unusable. The windscreen also needs to be completely wet before the wipers are used else it will cause scratches on the windscreen. The washer bottle should be filled and if the mild detergent is added, the windscreen will be dirt and oil free as well. The motor of the wiper needs to be checked to see that it is working well too.
  • The water drain holes in the chassis should not have obstructions. Metal parts which are exposed should be sprayed with anti-moisture spray and the door hinges should be well greased.
  • During car service, the lights should be checked if it is in working condition. Headlamps should be cleaned with toothpaste as it will get shinier with water and pedestrians as well as vehicles will be able to see the lights even in heavy rain.
  • The car should not be covered, and parked where there is ventilation. The tie rod ends as well as the coil springs need to be cleaned. Rust fighting cocktail of diesel and used engine oil should be put in the engine bay, underbody as well as leaf springs.
Car Service
Car Service
  • If there are dents or scratches they should be immediately taken care of else it will cause rust.
  • Wax polish should be used as it prevents scratches and also adds a protective layer.
  • Electronics such as the wiring of the battery and the alternator should be checked for insulation. The fuses should also be checked to see if they are working well and extra fuses need to be carried.
  • Mud flaps should be used so that the car behind is not splattered with muddy water. All 4 wheels should be fitted with these mud flaps.
  • A coat of petroleum jelly should be added to the terminals of the battery.
  • Finally, the air conditioner should be well maintained and checked during a car service.

Follow these servicing tips in your car service and minimize the risk of accidents and the loss of life, limb and property.


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