Expert Tips: Choosing the Trustworthy Mechanic to Service Your Car

There are very few people who know the workings of their car, and therefore they need to rely on mechanics to guide them and help them in dealing with the car and ensuring that the car works well and does not give trouble. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right car mechanic:

Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic
  1. Good mechanics are always Automotive Service Excellence certified and their certification even mentions the areas that they are proficient in. These also indicate how inclined the mechanic is towards learning new things. There are some mechanics and auto repair shops that in addition to certifications also have accreditations.
  2. The friends and family should be consulted as to whom they service their cars with. You need to find out from them what they feel about their mechanics. It is often found that good mechanics are not good at marketing themselves but rely on word of mouth.
  3. Online reviews should be checked to see how satisfied the past users have been with the services offered by the car mechanic. These should be checked on third party sites to get an unbiased opinion.
  4. There should be sites which you refer to which will be able to give you a rough estimate about how much the cost will be for a repair job as well as the time period it will take to complete. This can be cross-checked with the estimate the car mechanic gives.
  5. Professional drivers will be able to indicate who the good mechanics are, as they always would prefer going to a good car mechanic due to the amount of time they spend in the cars and the amount of mileage that is undertaken.
  6. You should find a mechanic or a shop that specialises in the car make and model you want. A specialised mechanic is much better than going through a car mechanic who deals with all kinds of cars.
  7. You should determine if there are warranties which are offered. These protect you to some extent. Sometimes, the mechanics and the auto shops will allow you to bring the car back if there are problems with the parts that have been installed or if the parts installed are not good. The replacement work is done free of cost.
  8. You should find out how long the repair shop has been doing business, how qualified are their technicians, how many technicians are certified and if there are specialized services that are offered.
  9. The shop should be conveniently located. Its hours of operation should not conflict with your schedule or they should offer different transportation options after you drop off the car.
  10. Before engaging a car mechanic for a big repair job, you should engage them for carrying out smaller repairs or smaller items like changing the filter or oil so that you can check their quality of service.
  11. Written estimates should be taken as they assure the person that the shop is not going to charge them for other services which were not discussed earlier or that they are not going to charge them for parts which were not informed earlier as well. Sometimes this usually is the case when the mechanic or the repair shop is unable to diagnose the problem correctly or it could be when the mechanic or repair shop is charging for unnecessary parts or services.
  12. The price should not be a deciding factor, as the cheapest price may not have the worst service and at the same time an expensive one may not be the most professional and offer the best services as well.

Keep these tips in mind while you search for a trustworthy car mechanic to service your car!


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