What Makes Vinyl Upholstery Popular?

Vinyl Upholstery
Vinyl Upholstery

When you hear the word vinyl, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the durable and shiny material that was extremely popular during the 50’s. A few vinyl materials look similar to leather and therefore some people have even mistaken it to be leather. Oftentimes, vinyl is used in interior decoration as well as in the construction industry. Apart from these two industries, people have started using it in many other areas such as for boat seats. There are a number of benefits of using vinyl upholstery in boats. This fabric has come into the limelight for two main reasons and those are durability and affordability when compared to other costly fabric options.

There have been a number of changes for the better in vinyl upholstery, and this has only made it better. In case you are confused about using it for your boat, then read through the many benefits. This will certainly help you make the right decision.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get when using vinyl for boat upholstery.


The waterproof nature of vinyl upholstery is known to be one of the biggest advantages of this material being used in boats. This fabric more often used in outdoor furniture because it is waterproof. Also, if there are any accidental spills, all you need to do is simply wipe it off to clean it.


Apart from being impervious to water, vinyl can also be a weather shield. You need to remember, though, that not all vinyl is weather proof. Therefore, before you take a decision of buying vinyl upholstery for your boat, make sure that it is weather proof and that it is of good quality to withstand any rough weather as well.


One of the most important benefits of vinyl upholstery is that it is made to last long. This makes it a great choice for your boat as this investment will last you for years. Also, it is difficult to damage this fabric with chemicals or abrasions.  Additionally, it is a great choice because it is flame-resistant. When your boat’s upholstery is given a finishing touch of a protecting layer, it prevents fading and staining.

Vinyl Upholstery
Vinyl Upholstery

Simple To Clean

When compared to other fabrics, vinyl upholstery is by far the simplest to clean and maintain. It does not require you to spend a lot of time in cleaning, and thus maintaining it is not a big task. The fabric is not very absorbent and this makes it resist staining. Cleaning vinyl, therefore, is easy and also does not require high maintenance like leather does. When cleaning vinyl, though, make sure that you do not choose an abrasive cleaning agent that dries the fabric and spoils the way it looks Simply wipe stains away with a damp cloth for milder stains, and use a cleaning agent only in case of stubborn spills.

Wide Variety

Another advantage of vinyl is that it is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Select the one that you prefer, depending on the rest of your boat’s interiors and your preference.  Additionally, make your choice taking quality and options into consideration so that you will be sure to choose one that you will be happy with in the long run.


Adding to the rest of the benefits, vinyl upholstery is also cost effective. Not only do you save money on immediate costs of installation, but you also save in the long run since you don’t need to spend money on extensive maintenance or replacement. When used for your boat’s interiors, vinyl upholstery is a great choice in terms of maintenance and investment.


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