Tips for Buying Football Sports Uniforms for Girls

Football sports uniforms for girls usually contain jerseys, pants, helmets, facemasks, and cleats.

Sublimated football jerseys – A state of art process, which changes liquid dye into a gas that is heat/pressure pressed to bond to the material of the jersey, is used to manufacture sublimated jerseys. The advantages of these jerseys are:

  • The manufacturing process allows logos, colors, and numbers to be reproduced into, as opposed to, onto the textile material.
  • These jerseys provide a modern cutting edge look to players.
Football Sports Uniforms
Football Sports Uniforms

Fitted football jerseys – These feature a fitted/tight style that is adopted by almost all pro and college teams. Along with this, these lycra/spandex jerseys are difficult to hold for the opposing player, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of any tackling strategy designed by the opposing teams.

Mesh football jerseys – These jerseys were initially introduced in the market as practice football jerseys. Over a period, manufactures have introduced several, in tune, with the current nature of the game. A mesh football jersey will comprise of a polyester tricot mesh frame with dazzle shoulder/yoke and spandex sides for a cutting-edge look.

Along with these characteristics, football sports uniforms are designed in such a way that they can be worn without pads and looks more or like a ladies’ t-shirt.

Keeping the types of jerseys in mind, some of the other factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying football uniforms for women are listed below:

In certain areas, the rules for football clearly state:

  • The players should wear jerseys that should be long enough to reach the top of the pants. If the jerseys are longer, they should be tucked inside the pants.
  • The football sports uniforms should completely cover the shoulder pads and all pads worn above the waist on the torso.
  • The numbers on the jerseys should be clearly and visibly labeled.
  • The endorsements and the size of the USA flag should not exceed certain size dimensions.
  • The visiting team should avoid wearing the same color as that of the home team.

Pants for football

Women can choose from three types of football pants

  • Integrated Pad Football Pants – These pants contain built in pads and are usually washing machine safe. They have the knee, hip, thigh, but rarely the tailbone, pads sewn into the pants. These pants are less expensive when compared to a separate pad and pant combination.
  • Flyless Football Pants – They have no lace up design and can be easily worn.
  • Snap Side Football Pants – The snaps  are stitched into the pants that make snapping up and lining up the pads easy.

Choosing the right kind of helmet

  • To buy the right size of the helmet, the accurate size of the head should be measured.

Choosing the best facemask

  • Most of the newer facemasks are designed to be worn specifically with certain helmets. Some masks can be worn with any kind of helmet.

Football receiver gloves

  • Choose gloves that provide the best grip. Such gloves allow the player to receive passes efficiently and provide an added advantage over the rivals.


Many factors need to be considered before purchasing cleats.

The different parts of a football cleat are:

  • Outsole – Different outsoles give different acceleration, cutting abilities, and stopping power.
  • Midsole – A midsole can help in reducing the negative effects of running.
  • Upper sole – It includes laces and straps and locks down the cleat making it comfortable for the wearer.
Girls Football Sports Uniforms
Girls Football Sports Uniforms

Choose from a variety of cleat styles in football sports uniforms

  • High-tops – These provide extra support for lateral movements.
  • Mid cut – It offers support while still offering maneuverability.
  • Low cut – These are lightweight shoes that provide extra maneuverability and allows players to make quick cuts on the fields. The only disadvantage is that it provides less protection against ankle injuries.

Differences between molded and detachable cleats

  • Molded cleats – These are always attached to the outside sole on the shoe’s bottom. These are less expensive than the detachable cleats.

Accessories for cleats


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