What Are the Top 5 Points to Consider Before Replacing Timber bi fold Windows?

Timber Bi fold Windows are mainly representation classical designs of windows. The important features are they bring a fresh breeze and beautiful view from your room. The most commonly highlighted advantage is that one can control and maximize the amount of air and light required inside the home.

Timber Casement Windows
Timber Bi fold Windows

Top 5 points to keep in mind! 

  • If suppose your window rot is severely damaged and it is tough or painful to repair, then it is the time to replace it without losing time. The rot of the windows are most important features and it is widely spread for the structural support of the window, therefore, it shouldn’t be compromised. If there is more rot than solid wood left in the window then it is better to replace them.
  • If your home is too stylish to go with the old pattern of your existing window, then you need to go for the new pattern of Timber Bi fold Windows. Wooden windows are elegant look wise and therefore they can give a decent and new look to your home.
  • If your windows are not easy-to-use and you find yourself making an extra effort for using them with difficulties then it could be the right time to replace them. Tight and hard windows are not only laborious to use but these can also be unsafe in the times of emergencies, for example during a fire.
  • Condensation is also very important reason to change your timber Bi fold windows right now. It can be reduced and in some cases, it can completely eliminate by introducing double glazing in your old style. Nowadays, there are many stylish types of windows that have come into the market. Some of them carry the thicker double glazing but the original wooden windows lack to take the extra depth and weight. So at this stage, it is better to use double glazed unit that has some extra thermal solutions, this will not only reduce the cold air transfer between the units but will also cut down the condensation even in future.
  • Style always needs changes, so this is the reason why different pattern and changing weather ask you to change your taste. The first thing that you need to do is replacing single glazing with double glazing; this can immediately increase the comfort of your home. Rooms will warm up quicker when you turn the heating on and the cold drought will not trouble you as it was doing earlier.
Timber Casement Window
Timber Bi fold Window

So these are some of the important points that you need to consider while replacing the casement windows. Some of the other points that you need to note are a replacement of weaker hinges, peeling paint, loose and missing putty on the walls, scraping, sanding and redecoration of our old pattern windows. So if we want to update ourselves, we need to not only change or update our gadgets but our home as well, our assets to require our special attention. The way we update our outfit with time and go with the latest fashion, in the same way, we should keep changing and upgrade our home amenities with time to stay tuned with the current trend and be safe at the same time. The place we live and the place where we work, both should be comfortable and friendly, in all the ways.

If you have these windows installed in your room, make sure to check for the above-mentioned points and see if you seriously require repairing or replacing the Timber Bi Fold Windows. You can even take the help of any expert in case you have less knowledge or skill to check out the windows.


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