5 Reasons of Hiring Industrial Plumber for Eyewash Installation

If you run a commercial or industrial space, then the safety of your employees should be paramount to you. Eyewash stations will help you do just so. Eyewash stations placed at strategic locations can prove to be lifesavers in crucial situations. However, many business owners try to install eyewash stations by themselves or with the help of the local plumbers. Sadly, this is not a wise move keeping investments and safety in mind.

Eyewash stations are meant to be handy during emergency situations and so these need to be functioning perfectly at all times. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional industrial plumber for the installation of eyewash stations. Here are 5 reasons why you should do so:

  1. Compliance with Government Set Standards

Eyewash stations are mandatory and compulsory in the most industrial establishment by law. They are a lot of protective measures for the safety of industry workers and the government has set certain rules and guidelines that need to be followed for eyewash station installation. Professional industrial plumbers are well aware of these guidelines and they will ensure you that your eyewash installation can meet the specific standards. Additionally, they keep tabs on any changes to these guidelines and they accordingly adjust the installation to keep it up to date. Non-compliance with these standards and guidelines can result in a heavy fine as well as the lives of your employees are put in danger. So it would be wise to hire an industrial plumber for the job.

  1. Avoid Liability to The Company

Not installing the eyewash station based on government standards can jeopardize the lives of your employees. In the case of an emergency, if the eyewash station does not function properly and an employee is seriously injured then he is entitled to compensation according to the law. To avoid these additional liabilities to the company and to ensure that all your employees are safe at all times, hire a professional industrial plumber to install the eyewash stations.

  1. Enhancing Employee Productivity

If you assign an untrained employee the task of installing eyewash stations in your industrial space, there is a high probability that he will do a poor job which will lead to him investing more time in repairing the eyewash station in the future, rather than focusing on the main work. Hiring an industrial plumber for the task can help your employees focus on their work thereby increasing productivity.

Expert Plumbers
Expert Plumbers
  1. Testing it Thoroughly

On installation of the eyewash station, it needs to be completely tested to ensure that it would work perfectly fine in case of an emergency. An industrial plumber is more proficient in this task rather than your employee since he can see things or faults to improve on that your employee could easily miss. Additionally, hiring a professional industrial plumber annually can also help to ensure that your already installed eyewash stations are always in prime working condition.

  1. Minimizing Damages and Cost Involved

Since eyewash stations are directly connected to the plumbing system, any issues with the station will even affect other sections of the plumbing system. Therefore, to avoid any additional damage to your existing plumbing system and save maintenance costs hire an industrial plumber. He can ensure that your industrial areas plumbing system are safe from any risk of damages. If there is any risk the professional can come in and resolve the issue before it creates havoc.

Installing an eyewash station is a must and will be useful to your employees in case of an emergency. However, installing it the right way is also equally important. Therefore, analyze these benefits of a professional industrial plumber and hire one for your eyewash station installation.


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