Vinyl Plank Flooring: Stylish and Sensible Solution for Your Corporate Space

Installing the right flooring is crucial whether in a residential or a commercial setup. The flooring that you install can make your room from drab to fab. This is especially true in corporate space where you need the right ambiance to generate high productivity. So, irrespective of whether it is the reception area, the board room or simply the office area of your employees only the right kind of flooring is what can revolutionize your business.

vinyl plank flooring
vinyl plank flooring

Why Vinyl Plank Flooring? 

When you look around, you will find a lot of stylish commercial flooring options available in the market. However, with style, you also need to have something that is durable, easy to maintain, eco-friendly as well as well within your budget. This is where the vinyl plank flooring comes into the picture. Vinyl plank flooring has now become one of the most preferred choices in commercial flooring designs. Mentioned below are some of the facts about vinyl plank flooring that you need to consider for your corporate space:

  1. Durability

Any corporate space is subject to heavy foot traffic, and your employees and clients will be using this space. So there is always a high probability of wear and tear to the flooring. With vinyl plank flooring you can be relieved about great addition in this space. This type of flooring has a special wear layer as well as fiberglass on top that enhances its durability and protects the flooring from scratches, stains or any permanent damage. The thickness of the wear layer can differ in this type of flooring, and the thicker ones are considered to be more durable. Some vinyl plank flooring in the market also come with UV-curved coating that helps in protecting the flooring from stronger alcoholic liquids.

  1. Waterproof

The aforementioned wear layer helps in making the vinyl plank flooring 100% waterproof. This feature makes it the perfect flooring for corporate spaces and also places where there are higher chances of water or liquid spillage. In the case of any water spillage, it can be simply cleaned with a mop without leaving any stains behind.

  1. Quick Installation

The installation of vinyl plank flooring does not need any intensive preparation. It can be installed on any surface be it cement, tiles or plywood provided it’s a flat surface. This flooring can be even glued to the floor if needed. However, it is extremely difficult to remove it once installed. Thus, these days there is a new vinyl plank flooring available in the market that can be simply clicked together rather than gluing it to the floor. Additionally, with small vinyl planks, you can create custom floor designs in your corporate space.

vinyl plank flooring
vinyl plank flooring
  1. Variety of Choices

With vinyl plank flooring you can enhance the style and class quotient of your corporate space with textures of natural wood, stone, tile or other unique textures without the high costs. Refurbish your brand’s image with vinyl plank flooring available in different colors such as black, brown, gray, metallic, beige, wood, blue and even green. Combine two colors or textures to create contrasting or complementing creative patterns and make your corporate space stylish and innovative. 

With so many advantages, vinyl plank flooring can be one of the most sensible choices for corporate spaces. Choose your color, design, and pattern and open the door of your corporate space – literally – to new possibilities with the versatile and sensible vinyl plank flooring. With a little bit of forethought, you can transform your office to new heights of style, productivity, and class in a short period of time!


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