What to Look for In an Industrial Plumber

If you thought that you had your work cut out for you when choosing the right plumber for your home, you really haven’t seen it all until you’ve started hunting for one for industrial jobs. Contrary to jobs done around the home, an industrial plumber has his work cut out for him much more and needs a more specialized level of training.


Certifications and Training

Industrial plumbers should have vested interest in industrial plumbing, and this goes without saying. However, it certainly pays to check on the credentials of a plumber before hiring him for the job. In industrial areas, there are laws regarding the qualification of professionals who can handle certain jobs, so, before you hire a plumber for your home or for commercial needs, you must check whether your shortlisted plumbers have appropriate qualifications and training for the job. Additionally, you must also see whether they are actually able to address the issues involved with an industrial site.

Wide Range of Services

Contrary to residential requirements, industrial plumbing requirements are much more extensive and the plumber you shortlist should be able to provide services to suit all these requirements. You can never predict what will need to be repaired next – from gas installations and repairs down to valve testing and replacement, the plumber you choose should be able to handle all. Right from handling a faulty faucet to cleaning your clogged drains and ensuring a steady flow of water inside the cistern, a plumber needs to do myriad tasks as far as the contribution to plumbing works are concerned.  Or, if your requirements are too extensive, choose a plumbing agency that has plumbers who specialize in specific industrial needs. it is also important to have the number of an emergency plumber who can sort out all plumbing-related issues during any emergency.

Licensing and Insurance

The plumber you choose should certainly be licensed by the state and should have all paperwork in order. If an unlicensed person carries out the job on hand, you as a business owner can be in big trouble with local authorities for using his services. Therefore, check on requisite licenses and check whether they are still valid before hiring an industrial plumber. Also, check whether the plumber is insured. This provides adequate coverage to protect them and your company if any accidents occur.



Choose an industrial plumber who is in a reasonable radius from where your company lies. The reason for this is that plumbing woes don’t come with a huge herald, and getting assistance at the right time is essential. You can’t afford to have your work stalled and run a loss just because of a burst pipe or failed valve. So, choose a plumber who is within 2 to 5 miles of your industry and ensure that the plumber or plumbing company provides services whenever you need them. This also reduces the level of any additional cost of transportation, and you can easily recall the local plumbers as and when required.

Reliability is a factor to consider:

Well, this is certainly a crucial factor to look for when hunting for an industrial plumber. The plumbers you shortlist should have proof of their reliability and great service in the form of testimonials and good references. Additionally, you should be able to contact these references to ensure that they really enjoyed working with the plumber.

Choosing the right industrial plumber is paramount if you would like to have a smooth functioning company and avoid any glitches in the future. So, take your time and choose wisely and you can find a professional who can certainly fulfill your requirements.


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