5 Indicators That Is Calling Out for A Car Service


Cars need to be serviced regularly to maintain them in great working condition. However, there are times when there is an emergency situation and the car may be needing a complete car service. Here are some ways that your car may be talking to you and asking for a car service:

car service
Car Service

#1. The Yellow/Red Light of Doom

Modern cars are equipped with warning lights that indicate you that something is wrong with the car. One such warning light is the yellow/red “check engine” light on the dashboard. If this light is lit or is flashing, then your car needs immediate attention and should be taken to a service station at the earliest.

The yellow/red warning light can mean anything, and the nature of a problem and the severity can only be determined by an inspection. However, please note that some cars have this indicator programmed to go off when the car is due for servicing. If that is the case, then you may not need to panic when the light goes off. However, it is always good to take your car to the service station as soon as possible when this occurs.

#2. Smoky Hood

The bonnet or hood that is home to the engine of the car should never be smoking. If there is smoke coming out of the hood, then it is a sign of over-heating of the engine which could cause damage to the car’s engine and other parts. If you experience this while driving, it is best to wait for the engine to cool off. You or your car may not be in immediate problems but it is always good to get the car checked with a car service station.

Usually, the color of the smoke can also tell you a lot about the problem. An over-heated engine would generate white smoke, whereas if it is blue smoke then the problem is more severe and related to the engine oil needing immediate attention. Blue smoke can result from piston wear, worn out piston rings, valve seals, and engine oil seals to name a few.

#3. Cars Speak with Noises

If your car is making strange noises that you have never heard, then your car is trying to tell you something and is calling out for help. Whining sound under the hood will mean a loose belt that can lead to other severe problems. Whereas, loud sounds in the exhaust can mean that the exhaust is broken and needs replacement. Grinding or screeching sound from the tires indicates a damaged or worn out brake pads and crunching noise while changing gears means the gear oil has to be replenished. If you hear any of these weird noises and are not able to identify the cause of the problem, then it is time to take your car for a car service.

car service
Car Service Station

#4. Smoky Exhaust

If your car has a smoky exhaust and a burning smell, it could be an indication of a possible oil leak. In such an instance, check your car’s exhaust for black liquid or soot residue to confirm this. If the burning smell is prominent then it could be a transmission oil leak and it will need to be completely drained out and refilled at the next car service.

A good indicator to verify if there are any oil leaks is to check if there are any leaks underneath the car when it is idle. If there is an oil leak, then take your car for a car service immediately.

#5. Uncomfortable Riding Experience

One of the best indicators of your car needing a car service would be the overall driving experience. If you feel that you are uncomfortable while driving, then it is time to lead your car to a service station for a car service. High fuel consumption is another factor to look out for when deciding whether your car needs a car service.

These are just a few of the indication calling out for a car service. Keep on the lookout for these indicators so that your car gets the service and repairs that it needs!


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