Five Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Ordering LED Lights from LED Lighting Suppliers

Technology has certainly changed over time, and with it, lighting and fixtures to have certainly seen a massive evolution. Combined with a rapid reduction in costs, LED lights have taken the world by storm and a growing number of people are switching to LED lights as their major lighting solutions. This brings to the fore LED lighting suppliers and their varied ware. However, just as with any lighting solution, care should be taken when buying LED lights too.

Led Lighting Supplier
Led Lighting Supplier

What are the mistakes that people make while ordering for LED lights?

  1. Order the Wrong Lights

This is perhaps the most common mistake that people make when ordering their lights from LED lighting suppliers. After all, with so much variety of lights in the market, it is easy to get bewildered when choosing one. Choosing a LED light is something that requires that you consider your home’s decor. Additionally, with the recent upsurge in minimalistic, modern interiors, you need to choose a light that is functional and that blends in with your home’s interiors.

  1. Get the Wrong Room Estimate

Many people underestimate or overestimate the size of their room, leading to ordering either too bright lights or too dull lights for the room from LED lighting suppliers.

  • To get the full potential and use of your new LED lights, choose the right size, number, and lumens. Ideally, it is good to follow this rule of thumb – use 20 lumens per square foot for floors, 30 lumens per square foot for raised surfaces and tables and 50 lumens per square foot for the task and desk lighting.
  • If you are well aware of the size, lumens, and quantity of lights you need to order from LED lighting suppliers, you can be sure you won’t make any rookie mistakes, and your room will be well illuminated.
  • Along with the size of the room, people should also notice the reflective capacity of the lights, and the wall color of the room must be in consonance with the type of LED lights they choose. Most often, they choose just the wrong colors for the lights to illuminate their rooms.
Led Lighting Supplier
Led Lighting Supplier
  1. Order the Wrong Type of Bulb

Many people are under the assumption that LED bulbs are by themselves a type of bulb. Well, they are – but there are many types of LED bulbs to choose from and making the right choice can make a world of difference to your home. So apart from the basic type of bulb, you also have a choice between spotlight bulbs, those with the Bayonet cap, Edison Screw Fittings, and the typical LEDs categorized as B22, B15, E27, E14, G4, and G9.

  1. Forget About Retrofits

The great part about switching to LED lights from typical lighting is the fact that they can be retrofitted. Many people tend to forget this fact and end up spending loads of money on new fittings and wiring when the solution is right before their eyes all along. Speaking about retrofits, even LED bulbs can be retrofitted, apart from the fittings.

  1. Order from The Wrong LED Lighting Supplier

Many people make the mistake of choosing price over quality, and end up getting a sub-standard product. Remember that price is not always the right measure of quality, so don’t just choose your home’s LED lighting from the person who offers you what seems to be a good deal at the lowest costs.

It is more feasible to choose LED lighting suppliers who combine reasonable prices with good quality and you can be sure to get products that will last you for years to come.


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