What Should I Do Before I Take My Car for Log Book Service?

A log book is generated by the car manufacturer and it needs to be maintained by the car owner. Some states and their statutory bodies have implemented rules that every car owner needs to carry their updated logbooks while they drive their car. However, apart from these legalities, you can also get the car services and the timing of spare parts or fuel replacement through this logbook. Log books mainly maintain regular service records up to twenty thousand kilometers. If you maintain your log book by hiring authorized service centers, you can easily identify the car servicing requirements at regular intervals. However, there are several car services available in the market. You need to check their authorization before availing their services.

Log Book Service for Your New Car 

Log Book Service
Log Book Service

If you have bought your car recently then you may avail of log book services from your manufacturer and dealer. However, it is not necessary to travel a long distance to reach the dealer’s service centre to maintain the logbook. Now you can easily avail this service from your nearest car service centre. You just need to check their authorization and if they are authorized or certified by the manufacturer, then you can avail their log book services.

Check the Service Areas Provided by Log book services

Log book services do not provide you with an instant certificate because their mechanics need to check the spare parts of the car and they suggest to you the necessary repairs and replacements required for your car. They have to sign and stamp your logbook with the current date. Therefore, when they stamp your logbook, they will also issue a certificate stating the recent conditions along with the mileage of the car.

  • When you avail log book services, you need to check their insurance norms. This logbook is basically an archive of your servicing records and the mechanics will include every detail of your car including engine condition, brake oil and fuel consumption level, tyre and clutch system and the present condition of the car body. This logbook service can help you to claim insurance in the future, because when you claim any accidental insurance, the company will check your logbook first, because they can identify the condition and be serving records of your car before accidents, through this logbook.
  • You need to check the affordability of these log book services. Almost all of these services can charge you a fixed price for your logbook servicing, but the dealers can charge you an additional amount as well. However, you can save this amount by availing log book services from your nearest service centre.
  • Always check the authorization of the service centre before availing of their facilities. Apart from this, fake logbook service centers can show you their expired authorization certificates and they can suggest multiple servicing options maintain your logbook. Therefore, always check the validation of their certificate and license.

Things to Do Before Log Book Servicing 

Log Book Service
Log Book Service

If you want to avail of log book services, then you need to book an appointment with the service centre. You can contact them through email or you can call them to book an appointment. However, when they conduct the log book service of your car, they will inspect several parts of the car including the engine, brakes, clutch, fluid level, tyre, power steering, gearbox, and windscreen. If they find any problem in these areas, they will include these things in your logbook, and you cannot claim insurance for these parts because they will be treated as pre-disputed spare parts.

So, make sure that your car is maintained property before availing log book services.


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