Avoid Dangers with Safe Crane Installation

Crane Installation

The construction and the manufacturing businesses require the use of cranes to a large extent. Besides being able to buy these from well-reputed manufacturers, it is essential to get them installed in the right manner so that they can be operated easily and also be safe for those operating these. Safety is a priority when talking about cranes and keeping this in mind, the installation has to be done correctly. A well-installed crane can minimize the risks of accidents and damage to the goods being transported in these. Let us understand some safe installation tips for a crane.

Safe Installation Tips for Cranes

  1. Following the high standards of the installation process, ensure that the crane is assembled on a firm ground which is sufficiently graded and drained. This should be done in conjunction with the support of cribbing pads, blocking, and mats. The cribbing needs to be strong enough to avoid bending, crushing or even failure of any type. The length, width, and thickness should support the float and transmission of the load should be smooth and safe.
  2. It is essential to be able to identify any hazards on the sub-surface and get this rectified.
  3. The soil and the ground should be checked for the bearing strengths. A professional geographical engineer can help you out in this. If this tends to be too expensive think of using the Penetrometer which is easy for usage and also portable.
  4. Improving the ground can be done by removing the surface which is compacted, and bringing in an inorganic material which is dense like a ‘rock’. Make sure the ground is thoroughly dry before the installation of any crane.
  5. Identify the exertion of a pressure of the crane during the outrigger at the time of operation. This information can be got from the specific crane manufacturer. There are many manufacturers who offer a software solution to allow you to input the data in the lift which can generate the reaction force of the outrigger.
  6. Outrigger pads or crane pads should be chosen in a design which can either meet the bearing or even exceed this. This also includes exceeding the strength and flex required. The load of the outrigger float should be distributed over a large enough area that is acceptable to the surface of the bearing ground. The stiffness of this ensures that the crane does not swing when carrying the load.
  7. The crane pad should be of an appropriate size so that they are stable. It is advisable not to opt for oversized ones as these work out to be inefficient as concerned to labor, transportation costs and also purchases costs. Taking the ground conditions into account can help you make the right choice.
  8. In case the outrigger pad is either bending or deflecting during the lift of the crane, you need to stop this. The lift also needs to be stopped if you find that the crane mat or the pad is being driven into the ground. This indicates that the ground bearing pressure is unable to support the load pressure.
Crane Installation

Before Operation of a Crane

Safety can be looked into before operations of a specific crane installation. It is advisable to get a checklist ready before you think of operating the crane. Before you opt for a specific crane manufacturer, ensure that they have the required licenses and can offer the guarantee needed for their product. This is not ‘small spending’, besides which a crane manufacturer who is not licensed can be the cause of fatal accidents to your workers. A well-reputed manufacturer and the right crane installation ensure you can save time, money and enjoy the many benefits provided by cranes.


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