How to Choose Commercial Painters

Commercial painting is all about undertaking painting jobs on a large scale. They need to ensure that the painting job done is up to the expectations of their customers causing minimum hindrance to the commercial activity in that establishment. Unlike residential painting projects, commercial projects calls for equipment and skill to paint taller walls, paint exterior of multi-store buildings, have a big team of painters, etc.Before you opt for a specific commercial painter it is important to carefully consider their credentials. This will ensures you are not wasting your money or your time. Here are some tips for you identify an experienced professional commercial painter.

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  1. Ask Around:

Asking friends and family can help you get a list of commercial painters who are not only qualified but also experienced and have good reputation in the community. You can think of trusting them with the required painting job.

  1. Search Online:

With most businesses listed online, searching for the commercial painters is easy. All you need is to spend some time conducting your search and narrowing down the choices in accordance with your requirement. Online search can also help you know the reviews, ratings, and feedback about them

  1. Ensure the Estimate:

Get detailed estimates from different painting contractors but ensure that this is a firm one. A firm estimate means there is no way you will be paying anything extra once the job is completed. A well-reputed commercial painter will pay a visit to the property which needs to be painted. It is only then that they will give you the cost. Their estimate or quote should also have terms with regards to warranty of materials and about any rework that may be required later.

  1. Insurance of the Contractor:

Every commercial painter should have insurance coverage. This keeps you protected in case of any damage or accidents when the work is going on in your property. Make sure you go through the insurance coverage terms and conditions before you hand over the job.

  1. On-time completion:

Painting job is a messy affair and affects the normal functioning of the establishment. Before selecting a specific commercial painter, it is important to find out if they have been able to meet their deadlines  and finish the job on time without any delays. Depending on the area to be covered, the painting company should have enough number of painters to finish the job on schedule.

  1. Sub-Contractors and Direct Employees:

There are many contractors who opt for handing over a painting job to sub-contractors. Ensure that these sub-contractors have the required license and insurance to handle the painting job. It is advisable to opt for a commercial painter who has direct employees as there would be better coordination and sharing of responsibility

  1. Enough Knowledge:

A painter who has been dealing with different paint jobs for a long period of time can advise you on the colors most suitable for the property.  Commercial painters with the right equipment for painting can paint using the right technique and be able to finish the job on time.

  1. Cost:

While you maybe able to obtain many quotes from painting companies in your locality, the lowest quoted rates should not be the only criteria for finializing your chose. It is essential to look for quality work and not settle on a commercial painter just because he is charging less as compared to the others.

Try to get hold of at least three estimates before you opt for a specific commercial painter. Careful consideration before opting for one can ensure that the paint job done is up to your expectations. This will be long lasting and without any problems.


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