Tips to Maintain the Brake Parts

Maintaining the brake parts of your car is not an easy task. However, it is important for enhancing the life of the vehicle. If your car does not have a properly functioning brake, you will not be able to stop the car whenever you want. Thus, it will become difficult to avoid accidents. To avoid this, you can take steps to maintain the brake system of your car to keep them running for a longer period of time.

Given below are some tips that will help you to take care of the brake system of your car.

1. Check the Disc Brake Regularly   

Brake Parts
Brake Parts

Disc brakes often referred as rotors. Make sure that you check the disc brake lining on a regular basis to decide if they need replacement sooner. Monitor this part of the brake system at every 16,000 kilometers. Nonetheless, if you notice some problems with the brakes such the squealing brakes or if it pulls the car to one side, then make sure to check the lining of the brake right away.

In order to check the disc brake properly, you have to put your car on a jack for removing the tyres. Once you are done with this, you can look at the brake system. You need to ensure that there is no sign of,

  • Scoring
  • Excessive rusting
  • Uneven wear

2. Inspect the Brake Pad and the Brake Calliper 

When you put your car on a jack, you need to check the brake calliper, too. You have to make sure that there is no problem with the mouthing hardware. Shake the calliper to ensure it is where it should be. However, make sure that it is cool before touching it.

If you simply look past the calliper, you will also get a view of the brake pad. In case, it looks thin, replace it as soon as you can. If you notice the metal then there is high chance that you will have to repair or replace the disc. After checking the brake, assemble the tyre.

3. Schedule Maintenance

Maintain Brake Parts
Brake Parts

You will have a manual, which will help you to know when you have to perform the important service procedures. These comprises of the brake fluid replacement and brake inspection. If you do not maintain this on a regular basis then the brake might incur some serious problems. In fact, low brake fluid in the brake parts might hamper its abilities. Some other issues will lead to significant damages that require you to change the callipers and other important parts of the braking system.

Thus, you should not ever ignore the suggested maintenance in the manual. If you fail to follow this, it might be a risk to your life.

4. Replace Brake Pads as Required 

Scheduled maintenance cannot always account for difference in,

  • Needs
  • Conditions
  • Driving habits

In fact, the brakes of some car wear out faster than the other cars. This is the reason you need to keep a check on the performance of the brake. Some of the common issues are,

  • Slower brake times
  • Stepping further on the pedal
  • Shuddering

This shows that the brake pad need replacement. Replace them when its time and get a mechanic to evaluate the conditions of various elements such as a brake rotor.

Apart from this, you need to take care while you are driving to maintain the brake parts. Do not speed more than you have to since it means heavier breaking. You should anticipate the stops for applying the brake gradually. This will prevent you from slamming on the brakes every time. Make sure that you do not drive your brakes unless you are going downhill.


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  1. webphantoms says:

    Great knowledgeable post, Always remember brakes are the life of vehicle. always use quality brakes… I always used toughla brakes for my car…


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