Few Useful Things To Know About The Equipment Trolleys

Every hospital or clinic has hundreds of small or big medical instruments, each piece of which has an exclusive method to be followed while being stored under strictly sterile conditions.  There is also the requirement of transporting these instruments across various departments in the hospital.  Therefore,  in order to keep those equipments and other related items in a well organized in a sterile manner, it is important to have good quality and well-designed equipment trolley. The equipment trolleys are really quite important for every medical facility. You can find these trolleys in different shapes and sizes, and the selection should be done according to the requirements of your medical facility.

The storage space of a medical equipment trolley is designed in a way to encompass a wide range of medical equipments. Apart from acting as a storage option for the medical equipments, these trolleys also provide the equipments a lot of protection. The trolleys have to be designed in such a way that the instruments can be accessible very easily since emergency situations are quite normal in a hospital setting and require the need for quick access to the instrument placed on the trolley.

Basic features of the medical equipment trolleys

In the present market, most of the trolleys for medical equipments are made up of stainless steel. They are the most common ones in hospitals. Some suppliers can also offer customised trolleys, particularly if you place a bulk order. But, before you place an order, let us talk about the major features of trolleys available these days.

  • Drawers– They are always the best storage options. The drawers installed in these trolleys can be used for storing sterilised medical instruments. You can find these trolleys in many variants according to the number of drawers. There are many types of drawer models that have a difference in the technology of its movement slides, width, length, etc. You must make sure the depth and width of the drawer are sufficient enough to store the equipments you have in your mind.
  • Versatility– Apart from drawers, there are many more options available. There are certain medical equipments that are sensitive and brittle, which need to be stored very carefully. So, the trolley should offer ample amount of protection to the same. After all, a trolley is meant to be mobile. Hence, when you move the trolley from one place to the other, the equipments inside its storage must remain well protected.
  • Material– Like it was mentioned above, stainless steel is the most preferred material in the case of medical trolleys. Since stainless steel is quite durable in nature and does not catch rust even in a moist environment, therefore the trolleys made from this material can last really long. Corrosion-free nature and its ability to withstand disinfectants and other hospital cleaning solutions, is the major USPs of these trolleys.
  • Wheels– When purchasing trolleys for medical equipments, you must examine the quality of the wheels. It is important that the wheels should be durable and of really good quality. The wheels should be soft on the floor, smooth to roll, and able to withstand the weight of the trolley. Wheels should also have a movement lock that can be enabled at times when the trolley is needed to be still.

So, those were some of the prime features of a medical equipment trolley. Standard models come with an average of two or three shelves, which is certainly sufficient enough to hold a lot of medical equipments; however, you can order for customised trolleys depending on your size and shape specifications.

Online reviews can provide you plenty of details about the quality, functionality, and prices of the various models available. In this way, you will be able to choose the best supplier as per your requirements and budget as well, and by doing so, you can acquire the best equipment trolleys for your medical facility.


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