Need to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

There are lots of people who install two or three two split systems in the house to maintain a proper temperature. However, today there is a better option available that is reverse cycle ducted air conditioning. Through this system, you can install a central air conditioning system and it can provide cool airflow to each corner of your house. By installing such kind of systems at your home, you can enjoy right temperatures all-round the year, along with saving lots of energy cost. These systems are energy efficient and cost saving, which makes it a popular choice among the homeowners today.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

#1. Working with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

  • These kinds of air conditioners include refrigeration system, which is powered by electricity which is able to offer cool and dehumidified air. However, when the functioning cycle is turned to reverse mode the system is able to offer lots of warm air.
  • This system mainly comprises of two parts. One part is the interior fan coil system, which comprises insulated ducts that spread warm or cool air to the room. Another part is the exterior motor, which works hard with the insulated pipes of copper.

#2. Installation of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

It is possible to install these systems over the ceiling of the home. However, the ceiling requires having enough height and easy accessibility in order to meet the installation requirements. The in-ceiling systems can offer great cooling and heating to the different areas of the home. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning can be installed under floor also if there is proper space in the home for it. It can also be installed at the sides of the wall. The only good thing about these floor units is that it offers simple access to air grills so that you can manually open and close it for controlling proper air flow. You can also operate these ducted systems with a remote control, and you can operate their fence in the same way. So you can easily control the airflow and it can also run in an automatic mode.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

#3. Some advantages of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

The best advantage of this kind of unit is that you can take the pleasure of proper heating and cooling of the property. Irrespective of any time during the entire year, you can maintain a comfortable interior home temperature. Hence, it can be said that these are one of the best solution rather than having cooling and heating systems separately.

  • If installed on ceiling and so can be kept away from pets and kids reach
  • Helps in maintaining constant temperature
  • Very quiet as far as operation is concerned
  • The air passed is filtered and so pollution is reduced
  • It does not have open flames and so safe in case kids and pets at home
  • Considered to be energy efficient which also helps in reducing energy bills

In case you are planning to install ducted reverse cycle air conditioning at your home then make sure you consider purchasing it from a reliable supplier. A reputed and reliable supplier will have a great team that can guide you about the various choices available for the system. There are various kinds of such systems available in the market today and so the team can prove to be helpful in knowing the best suitable system as per your needs. When you install this ducted air-conditioning system in your home or commercial places, you need to go for the accurate capacity as per the size of rooms. In this regards , ou can take help from the professionals and they can assist you for the installation also.


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