How Timber Bifold Doors Ensure Security of Your House

Doors of a house perform multiple functions such as maintaining privacy and ensuring safety and security of the residents. So, it is important to choose a type of door that assures the most optimal security. While there are a number of variants of doors available such as French doors, or the traditional patio doors, and so on, a bifold door is especially known for its security features. These bifold doors are available in various materials such as aluminium and PVC, but a timber bifold door is the best option for the safety of doors. Additionally, timber bifold doors are a vibrant option owing to its aesthetic appeal and charm that suits classic as well as contemporary homes.

Timber Bifold Doors

Safety Properties of a Timber Bifold Door

The features of a timber bifold door that ensure safety and security of a house are as follows:

#1. Structure
The structure of a bifold door itself and the way they lock along multiple points make them a secure option. When it comes to material, the frames timber door is a bit wider than aluminium one, making them strong and durable.

#2. Locks

Timber Bifold doors consist of a multi-point locking system and a hidden tracking system, hinges, and lockable handles to prevent any unwanted intruder from breaking into the house. The heavy-duty shoot bolts play the role of securing each door panel both at the top and at the bottom, securing them tightly. One can also add superior locking cylinders for extra protection. These features of a bifold door make it almost impossible for any burglar or thief from getting through the door inside the house. For more security, you can also invest in some security locks for the door. The types of locks which are suitable for such a door include twin point, childproof locks, keyed locks, and drop bolts.

Timber Bifold Doors

#3. Glazing

While looking for a bifold door, you can also choose amongst the variety of glazing options available. A laminated glass is one of the most recommended options. Since such a glass consists of an extra layer, it is harder to break owing to the tough exterior and thus ensures maximum security. The extra layer of glass also prevents it from falling into small shards upon breakage and thus ensures there is no injury to anyone around.

#4. Gaskets

To make bifold doors safer and secure, many manufacturers also include encased rollers and ‘finger safe’ gaskets thereby preventing anyone from getting their finger trapped in the door. Thus, if you have small children, this feature makes this door ideal for your house as children have a tendency to get their fingers trapped in the crevices of doors.

#5. Security Screens

Although bifold doors have proved themselves to be safe and secure enough, you may also install an additional security screen on your external door. Timber bifold doors provide the facility of getting such a screen installed and you can install them either on the interior or exterior of your door. They are useful as with an additional mesh screen installed, you can leave the bifold door open and still ensure security. Such a screen is especially beneficial for people living in hotter regions where they can leave the door open to let some air inside while being protected by this layer of the screen. This screen also serves the additional purpose of reducing UV radiation, increasing ventilation, and filtering out any dust from entering the house from outside.

These features of a timber bifold door make them highly popular as well as a recommended option for houses which desire a safe option of doors.


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