Why Would You Avail the Plaster Ceiling Cornice & Roses Services to Decorate Your House?

Traditionally being used for ornamentation, Plaster Ceiling Cornice & Roses have come a long way since the mediaeval period. Earlier, ceiling roses were made of stones and marbles. Few specimens of them can still be seen in some of the castles and forts which belong to this period. Later on after the discovery of plaster, it becomes very easy to create them. Even today, they are as popular as the used to be and could be seen in some of the most contemporary buildings and structures. With the plaster ceiling and roses, you can decorate your home in a unique manner. Now people are installing some wooden and cupboard false ceiling to decorate their home and after few years, these wooden structures get damaged and they need to invest again for rebuilding their ceiling. In this regards, plaster ceiling and roses designs can give you a permanent solution because these designs are made with concrete materials, and these structures are not affected by moisture.

Plaster Ceiling Roses
Plaster Ceiling Roses
  • There are many benefits of using plasters are making ceiling roses. They are not really lighter and easier to handle, but at the same time different types of designs can easily crafted on the.
  • Plaster is much more flexible compared to marbles and rocks and hence can be easily molded into the desired shape and design.
  • Ceiling roses made of plaster have become very popular over the years, and can be seen in different buildings and structures.

What Are the Benefits of Using Plaster for Making Ceiling Roses?

As opposed to other materials, plaster is much of flexible and offers various other kinds of benefits. This is another reason, besides cost, plaster is the most common material used in making ceiling roses.

#1. Decorative Appeal: Plaster has a different decorative appeal altogether. Plasters can be used to create different kinds of designs and shapes and are quite flexible. They can be easily molded to give the desired shape and design.
#2. Durability: This is one of the reasons, as to why plaster has become so popular when it comes to making ceiling roses. They are durable and last for a long period. They can with stand the test of time and can survive under extreme adverse conditions. The only thing, which needs to be taken into consideration, is the fact that they should be kept out of water.
#3. Easy installation: Another important reason why plaster is a very common choice for making ceiling roses is that they can be installed very easily. When it comes to installation, plasters are far easier than stones and rocks or marbles. The fact that plaster is lighter than these materials in terms of their weight makes them easy to handle, install and fix. It is suggested to design the plaster ceiling cornice and roses by hiring some trained professionals, because this task needs some technical expertise along with the artistic sense. So these professionals can do these tasks carefully and they can also maintain the safety measurement.
#4. Less Maintenance: When it comes to the maintenance cost of plasters, it is very low. The fact that they do not crack or break calls for virtually no maintenance at all. It is because of the fact that different kinds of color can be applied plaster quite easily, and the color is retained for a long period of time.


These ceiling roses made of plaster are not very expensive, there certainly much more affordable as opposed to other materials like marbles and stones. In terms of designs, there are varieties of different types available. It is always advisable to get these plasters made ceiling roses in their natural colour, which is white, so that the desired colour can be applied to it.


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