How To Maintain Laminate Flooring At Commercial Properties

Laminate Flooring

There are too many flooring options, especially with wood floors, which leads to confusion. So, before selecting it, a few things should be considered. However, your priorities should commence at the budget, and end with maintenance, especially with laminate flooring. There are a lot of flooring options that look beautiful but can be too expensive at the same time. Hardwood floors fall under this category. But if budget is not a constraint one can easily opt for engineered hardwood flooring as it appears to be stunning and certainly easy to maintain when compared to carpeted flooring. But, when it comes to your commercial needs, there is no doubt that you need something sturdy and sustainable.

#1. Consider commercial requirements

Remember that a commercial space, be it an office or a hotel or a boutique means a lot of people walking around. Hence, it is important to have flooring that is not only hard but stain resistant too. While wooden flooring develops a few scratches with use, ceramic flooring is stain and scratch proof. Laminate flooring is easy to clean. Ceramic tiles give a clean look, but with use, dirt does accumulate in the grouts. Thus, joint free tiling and using larger sized tiles does help to minimise this problem.

#2. Go for professional cleaning

It is important to clean the floor depending upon the purpose of the room. Non-skid flooring is recommended in all work areas. Laminate flooring has become popular due to easy availability and large variety. They come in numerous shades, patterns, colours and sizes. They are easy to install and are cost effective also. But, if the place gets too dirty then you should opt for professional cleaners. They can be availed on a contract basis and offer state of the art cleaning services.

#3. Opt for rugs and mats

The laminate flooring can easily enhance the look of a room and brighten it up. Marble floors offer a sheen that other flooring options cannot match. Italian, Spanish, Greek and the Indian variety of marbles are very famous. You can get various kinds of rugs and mats and place them over the flooring. Doing so helps to minimise the damage caused to the same. Moreover, you have less of fuss in cleaning and maintaining them.

Laminate Flooring

#4. Keep it dry

Being a commercial space, undoubtedly, your laminate flooring is prone to accidental spills and damage. Hence, you should ensure that you are able to keep this space dry. There are various ways of doing the same. For example,

  • Try and keep a janitor around to the mopping and cleaning. Basically, having an accessible cloth around which can dry up the fall of a liquid is sufficient. You can also keep a mop handy that can be used as required.
  • Try to avoid giving too much of wet wipes or mopping on the floor. Ideally, with any kind of laminate flooring, you should stick to just a bit of water that is squeezed dry. Else excess moisture will spoil the laminate.

#5. Vacuum

One of the other easier options for your commercial space would be vacuuming. This really works well because unlike mopping that requires being done in the morning, this can be done throughout the day. Do remember that with vacuuming you don’t have to worry about wet floors. This also means that your laminate flooring is getting a much better cleaning as compared to regular models. Laminate flooring pairs the beauty of natural wood with easy maintenance. Moreover, with the right care and maintenance of these floors, they would last for years to come.


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