Tips for Choosing Safe Export Pallets for Shipping

A pallet is used to support heavy goods while carrying them up to the ships so that the items can be shipped safely. Actually, it is a strong and flat structure made of either hardwood, plastic, metal, or any sturdy material, which is lifted by any mechanical lifter for shipping heavy machinery. As the high-quality export pallets are mostly made of wood, the commercial companies need to be aware of the procedures of identifying the safe pallets that will not break down while carrying the goods.

Export Pallets

Different ways of identifying the safe export pallets 

  • Generally, a logo is printed below each pallet that tells about the condition of the pallet and how safe it is to use for shipping. If it is written IPPC, it means that the pallet is well treated to make it strong enough. If the logo ‘DB’ is printed beneath the pallet, it means that the bark of the wooden pallet is taken out and it is not treated with any chemical for which it is perfectly safe for carrying any product. If the logo ‘HT’ is used on the pallet, it implies that this pallet is treated with a high heat to get rid of all harmful insects from the wooden pallet, but it is not chemically treated, making it safer. The pallets treated with chemicals, as Methyl Bromide solution may not be safe for all items, mainly the food or health products.
  • The export pallets need to be hygienically clean. Thus, these should be collected from clean places like hardware shops, newspaper distribution centres, timber shops, and lawn-care service provider companies. The wooden pallets can be recycled after use, if no toxic product is carried in them. Hence, care should be taken at the time of collecting these pallets.
  • If the pallets are collected from online stores, the reputation of those sites should be checked thoroughly. Only a few reliable sites supply safe pallets to the customers, mainly in case of shipping for international tours. Hence, check the reliability of the companies beforehand.

Benefits of using wooden pallets in shipping heavy goods 

Export Pallets
  • The wooden pallets are cost effective and fit within the budget of small industries, due to the cheap costs of these large pallets.
  • As the wooden boards of the pallets can be taken out and replaced easily, these pallets can be repaired with simple tools and save lots of money of the industries for repairing in case any wreckage occurs in any part of a pallet while shipping.
  • The wooden pallets can be recycled any time after use and may be turned into paper or even mulch when the damaged pallet can no more be used for shipping. Therefore, the wood used for making pallet is not wasted totally, rather transformed into similarly useful materials.
  • The wood pallets can be made much faster from the simple wooden boards, compared to the pallets made from other materials.
  • As wood is quite heavy and highly frictional in nature, the products are most unlikely to slide off the pallets, while shipping and easier to handle by the carriers.

However, wood may damage faster than plastic or a metal, as it is liable to break faster. Moreover, the wet wood can encourage the growth of fungus, if not cleaned properly. However, the fungal infections or insects do not affect the well-treated wooden pallets. So, plastic pallets are also used by some companies due to the durability of these pallets and the resistances of these pallets to all types of chemicals.


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