5 Advantages Of Frameless Glass Balustrades For Balconies And Related Areas

When it comes to remodelling balconies and other areas of the home, balustrades play a very crucial role. Traditionally, these were made from wood or metals. But slowly home decor designers shifted their preferences to glass balustrades, and now they are highly in trend for both home indoor and outdoor designing. The chief reason behind this trend shift is the beauty and versatility of glass as a material. Frameless Glass Balustrades are beating all other fencing options these days. Hence, let us take a look at the numerous advantages of this type of balustrade.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades- What are these?

A balustrade acts as fencing or safeguards for home indoor or outdoor places like balconies, decks, pool fences, verandas, staircases etc. Glass balustrades can be framed, semi-framed or frameless. Frameless ones are preferred because of their sheer elegance. Most modern homeowners prefer the frameless glass enclosures for their homes because they are extremely stylish additions. Installing these also increases the real estate value of the property. These are great fencing options not only for homes but for commercial spaces as well. They provide a fantastic look to any kind of professional space.

5 benefits of Frameless Glass Balustrades are

#1. Beautifies the area where these are installed: The chief benefit of the frameless glass fences is the way they look. They create an atmosphere that can be compared to a movie set. If you are planning your dream house then you need to make sure that most contemporary balustrades are a part of your projects. These create a spacious environment. The frameless ones look more elegant and offer better aesthetic value compared to the framed or semi-framed ones. These balustrades allow ample light entry into the house creating a well-lit indoor atmosphere.

#2. The base material is quite versatile:  Another key benefit of Frameless Glass Balustrades is that it is made up of the most versatile material- glass. They are available in a variety of colours, textures etc. and can be mixed and matched with other decorative materials. These go well with a wide variety of interior and exterior designs. As glass is a fairly versatile material it goes very well with all kinds of house decors. No matter if your setting is classic or contemporary, frameless glass fences will compliment all kinds of styles.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

#3. Exceptionally easy to clean and maintain: Glass balustrades are exceptionally easy to clean especially the frameless ones. All that you need is a damp cloth and a glass cleaning solution that you can simply purchase from stores or even make at home. Frameless Glass Balustrades can also be cleaned with a solution of regular detergent in water. No over expensive cleaner is required for cleaning these glass fences. If these balustrades develop scratches or stains by accident they can be polished or covered with easy glass paints.

#4. Go green with glass balustrades: Glass is an eco-friendly “go green” option. It can be easily recycled and it is a nontoxic material that is safe for the environment. For those who are in favour of environment conservation glass is the best choice. These balustrades, unlike wood, do not rot in contact with water and unlike metals do not corrode over time. Metal balustrades on the other hand often emit harmful substances. Such issues are not associated with glass options.

#5. Affordable and safe balustrade options: Most people suffer from a misconception that glass balustrade is not safe. But in reality, they abide by all the safety standards set by the government. Frameless Glass Balustrades are really affordable compared to other balustrade options.


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