Why Digital Door Lock Technology is the Best Safety for Home and Office

Advances in technology has also taken over our ordinary door locks too. As with advantages of incorporating technology elsewhere, digital door locks too have a host of advantages. Right from ensuring smoothness in door operation to ensuring maximum safety in both domestic and official fronts, digital locks have multiple advantages.

What are the advantages of using a digital door lock?


Digital Door Lock
Digital Door Lock

Function and aesthetics

A digital door lock adds to the aesthetics of the door. The safety features of the digital lock gives a sense of confidence to every property owner.

Keyless convenience

This helps us do away with mechanical keys, which is first of all not as smart as digital lock, put there is always the problem with mechanical keys getting misplaced or lost. Keyless entry makes such worries simply obsolete.  

Touch pad system along with other advanced mechanisms:

LED buttons or touch screens, as the interface for keying in access inputs is every easy to do, especially for the elderly and for children. Apart from this, some of the new generation digital door locks also have the facility of a Smart card where the user can swipe a registered identity card to gain access to a certain place. There are also Magnetic cards that can communicate your identify by bring it in close proximity to the digital door lock.

Ease of operation with the help of a remote control or through biometric scanning:

You can also find a kind of digital door lock which is equipped with finger scanner, with biometric scanning or which can easily be operated with the help of a remote control. Apart from this, additional technological advancements also include voice-guiding features where the lock recognizes registered voices and you can gain access once the door recognizes your voice when following some commands. There is also the video door phone available to provide additional safety. There is a camera placed at vantage point at the door so that any visitor can be seen clearly from the comfort and safety indoors. There would be a microphone system where you can talk to the visitor, thereby preventing any need for physical proximity with the visitor. Some locks are also there which operate strictly based on digital pairing. The programming of digital door lock can be paired with other security systems to enhance your security and safety by having a wider range of safety and security checks under one roof. It can thus be paired to check burglary, fire and electrical shock safety warnings, water overflow warnings, car security, gate alarm etc.

Digital Door Lock
Digital Door Lock

Suitability of Digital Door Lock For Children:

Digital doors are most suitable for homes with children. When you install digital locks, you don’t have to worry about them getting locked in. One of the many options listed above can come to their rescue. This is more so because children like digital equipment’s and even the youngest of them would learn the nuances of digital equipment’s very easily.

Therefore, even if they happen to get locked in, they will be able to easily find their way out. You need to train your children also about the use of digital door locks so that they are also be to operate it, especially at times of emergency. These digital door locks neither need spare keys nor worry about having to wait for someone with the original key to gain access. You can carry the keys on your body by just having to memorize the access code or method. Children are safe with biometric and voice recognition modes where they can either use their fingerprint or voice to gain access.


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