Some Essential Details About House Signs

Custom house signs increase the aesthetic value of the house without any actual investment on renovating the house or minor touch ups like coat of paint, etc. The curb appeal of the house increases suddenly with addition of a minor number plate or a house plate. The sign can be fixed anywhere ranging from the fences, wall, posts, gates, doors, trees and gates or hung from the brackets or even inserted into the ground.

Custom House Signs

Things to check before installing house signs

There are few things that should be considered before installing the custom house signs. The common things are explained below.

  • Size: The first and foremost thing to consider before installing the signs is the number of letters that should be written and size of the emblem of the sign. The size of the sign should be in sync with the size of the house. A large house sign on a small cottage would spoil the beauty of the house and vice-versa. The other important thing to ponder in to is from how far the sign needs to be identified. If the sign is fixed at the entrance of the house but the house has a considerable long driveway, the letters should be properly visible from outside.
  • Pattern: The pattern and style of the sign should be in accordance to the building. The signs at the entrance of business buildings, office and golf course should convey professionalism. These house signs add elegance and personality to the building.
  • Emblem: After choosing the size and pattern of the house sign the next step is to decide the emblem. The emblem should be chosen after checking the size of the sign pattern, the word layout and the number off the letter that you would like to fit into the sign. Usually the house signs are fixed at the top curvy when it contains one or maximum two short words, while in case of more number of words they are often split into two different parts and fixed at both top and bottom. Usually they are spilt in to two parts if there is enough space.
Custom House Signs
  • Background color: Usually in most cases black color is used while the door and window color can also be used as a sign plate’s background color. While choosing the background it is mandatory to keep in mind the colors of the emblem. It would be more prominent if the chosen colors are contradictory.
  • Letter style and color: The most suitable size and font of the letter is usually chosen so that it looks elegant. Usually a few fonts are available from where you can choose the best suited one. The common colors for the letters are gold or black if the background color is black and white on black background. However, any color can be chosen without any additional cost involved.

Another most important aspect is proper fixing of the custom house signs. For fixing colored caps and screws are used. For hanging ones lugs are usually cast on the top portion of the house signs. Brackets can be made separately in accordance to the house sign. For inserting the sign in to the ground a single spike can be cast on to the bottom portion of the sign. The two angles stakes can also be bolted to the back portion of the house sign. The process of fixing is usually dependent on the size of the sign. For smaller ones spikes are more appropriate while for larger ones stakes would be a better option. Both the spikes and stakes are available in several textures, lengths and colors. They can be powder coated to match the design of the sign.


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