Extending the Season of Your Landscape- Three Tips Not Everyone Knows About

Landscaping needs your creativeness for its exquisiteness and beautification. After a tremendous effort of planting the saplings, chalking out a plan for your landscape, and building it from scratch, now it is time to watch the plants grow. Eventually, the season ends, and they wither away, and then you have to start all over again. To avoid this inevitable situation, you can opt for a couple of techniques mentioned below for extending the season for your plants. Your yard will have a jaw dropping picture for months, and your neighbors will be amazed at your witchcraft. So, without further ado, let us get to business for extending the season of the landscape.


#1. Garden Cloche:

These tools are at least a century old when French farmers used this as a handy tool which used to be made of glass. You can cover your plants with garden cloche after watering them to protect them from changing temperatures. The light will be received due to the transparency of the cloche anyway, and your plant will be confined inside the safe cloche.

  • The greenhouse umbrella is another concept of the cloche. If you do not have much room in your landscape for a plastic cloche, just pop open the umbrella which will not take up much space and instead will serve the same purpose of a cloche.
  • The umbrella pole will go under the soil, which can be 3-4 feet tall, depending on the length of your plant. It acts as a container and a protector of your plants.

#2. Annuals and Perennials:

The concept of the annuals is that the plant completes its entire life cycle in one single year. The germination process to the production of seed is completed within a year. The perennials are the same as annuals, but they survive for two years before they die. So, you can plan annuals and perennials in your landscape to extend the season for your garden. They are colorful and abundant and add lush to the garden as they are effortlessly vivid. So, go ahead with the plan of bedding annuals and perennials in your landscape for that ‘Wow’ factor which will amaze every viewer and visitor alike. As long as you are able to give a little sweat to your landscape to make it delightful with color, you will be able to enjoy your little self-made heaven you call home. The addition of sunflower seeds and castor beans will result in the bursting of color in summer in your perennials collection. It will have an appearance of an endless sunshine in your landscaping area.

Plant Selection for Your Landscaping

#3. Blossoming Bulbs:

When you are ordering bulbs in your garden make sure they bloom all at once when the time comes. All you require is planning during this step, and half your work is done. Some bloomers flower at the beginning of spring and others bloom at the middle of summer during May or June. So, an order in stock when it comes to bulbs. You can plant them beside perennials, and it will have a colorful appearance which will provide an aesthetic beauty to your landscaping world. Be very strategic regarding the choices you make. Every bulb has a combination of color, texture, and consistency.

So, make your landscape lush and thriving with colors all years round with many flowers and shrubs of your choice. Annuals, perennials, and bulbs along with a variety of seasonal flowers will spice up your garden and make it appear exquisite and very different from other ordinary landscapes. With a little effort, there is so much you can achieve and accomplish with your creativity and innovation while landscaping.  


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