General Symptoms in Car Which Indicate an Immediate Car Service

The importance of routine car servicing is known to every car owner and driver. It is a known fact that cars which are not serviced at regular interval tend to perform low, consume more fuel, etc. However, though you know the importance of regular servicing, many are unaware of the symptoms which indicate a quick car service even before the scheduled routine servicing. Therefore, it is essential to understand the symptoms in your car which calls for an immediate maintenance check in order to save your car from brake down, accidents, damages and poor performance. It is suggested to hire some reputed car service for repairing your car and they will check the spare parts and engine condition of your car. These services will increase the longevity of your car and these car servicing can ensure you the best fuel economy level.

Car Service

Brake Systems

Brake systems are prone to wear out eventually, however as a conscious driver you must check and avoid metal-to-metal condition of your brakes, and get replacements before that. There are several symptoms in brake systems, which indicate the need for servicing or replacement.

  • Shaking and vibrating feel in brakes or steering
  • Mushy feel on brake pedals.
  • Car pulling on a particular side while braking
  • Repeated filling of brake fluids
  • Brake fluid leakage
  • Noise or foul smell from brakes

If you find these above problems in your car then you may need to replace the brake pads, fuel or you may need to replace the full brake system only. So, you can contact with the car services and they will help you in this regards.

Engine Cooling Systems

It is one of the essential systems in the car, which controls and manages heat emission of the engine. The water pump in the system circulates the coolant in different parts of the engine and helps it to cool down by effectively absorbing heat. The radiator accumulates the heat and dissipates it. Symptoms you must look for in this car system, which indicates car service need, are

  • Leakage of coolant
  • Excessive heating of radiator
  • Successive refilling requirement of coolant
Car Repairs

Fluids and Filter

The filters in the engine system essentially filter any contamination in the oil, and allow the oil to flow through the engine uninterrupted. While the air filter works intricately to filter dust particles in order to save the airflow sensor, piston, cylinders, etc, the fuel filter actively works to save the carburetors and functioning of the fuel injectors. Significant symptoms, which can indicate the car serving need includes

  • Interruptions in accelerating smoothly
  • Musty smell
  • Significant decrease in mileage performance

However, if you are not able to distinguish particular car engine system issues, you need to look for general symptoms. In order understand these symptoms, you need to be alert. Moreover, for those who are not quite expert in dealing with engine particularities, knowing these common symptoms can help them to derive expert advice and ready servicing of their car and avoid major issues.

Overheating and smoke under the can bonnet are common issues of the cars which require car service. Piston wear out, leakage of fluids, failure of head gasket, etc can be yet other issues with your car, if you suddenly find smoke beneath your car bonnet. The best way to keep your car performance high, and save you from midway troubles in journey is to seek for routine maintenance. Moreover, even if you find any unusual trends with your car’s performance, seek for instant car servicing check to ensure you car engine is fine.


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