Waterproofing Your Foundation: Why You Should Not Ignore This Step

The basement of a home is as important as the walls, the roof, and the other decorative entities. The most significant threat to basements is its potential to absorb water. Flooding is a threat. Therefore, professional waterproofing solutions providers in Australia are in high demand to prevent basements from water-related damages.

How does waterproofing benefit foundations?

The concrete itself provides the first layer of waterproofing. The walls should be reinforced, and the concrete should be consolidated. Waterproofing of basements prevents allergen outgrowth. It also removes musty odors. Such odors are a common issue with older basements. Even before the start of new construction, waterproofing is essential.

Construction Waterproofing
Construction Waterproofing

Types of waterproofing materials to choose from

There are spray-on products and Polyethylene foundation membranes. Depending on the type of foundation in the house, the best material has to be used.With proper waterproofing compatible with the type of foundation you have, you will be able to withstand water pressure, stop vapors from entering the basement area, and prevent cracks from opening up. Spray on solutions consist of a priming coat and one or more layers of coating. The thickness starts from 60-mil. The subsequent coats are of a liquid-rubber, which is elastic in nature. Other than this, there are sheet products like rubberized asphalt membrane that are attached to Polyethylene films. These sheets can be connected directly using a peel and stick approach.

Further, for foundations that are wet, waterproofing solutions providers use bentonite panels. These panels, made out of bentonite clay, are placed between cardboard. The clay can expand, and it forms an impregnable barrier when it comes in contact with water. Yet another waterproofing option is integral waterproofing, which comes with the concrete of the foundation itself. This forms a crystal matrix within the concrete, which prevents the entry of water or vapor. This is a viable type of membrane waterproofing. As more water comes in contact, the crystals get denser.

Waterproofing vs. damp-proofing

Long before waterproofing, there was damp-proofing, which prevented water vapor. Pressurized water was still able to force its way into a damp basement. This worsened matters. Before waterproofing came along, many foundations were only damp-proofed. This only stopped the water vapor. Water that was under pressure was still able to force its way into an already damp-filled basement, making matters worse. Damp-proofing is fragile and incapable of bridging gaps in the foundation. In newer construction, waterproofing is used. It is easier to stretch over cracks and withstand the force of water.

Waterproofing the foundations prevents basement leaks, moisture build up, and stagnant water accumulation. It prevents mold growth in the basement. Excellent waterproofing solutions in Australia avoid costs of repair and save the homeowner money and hassles. It makes the foundation strong, eliminating the need for structural repairs that are both costly and depreciate the value of the property. Dry and waterproofed basements can double up as storage space, or as a new livable room. Health problems like asthma, respiratory issues, sinuses, allergies, etc. are kept at bay.

Construction Waterproofing
Construction Waterproofing

Waterproofing: A smart home improvement

Waterproofing the foundation also strengthens the outside of the home. It ensures that the ground beneath your foundation is not prone to shifting. This reduces foundation problems and leaks. Enlisting the help of professional Construction waterproofing agencies is a smart decision for a smart home. It is one of the most significant improvements that can be made to your home.

While there are home improvements that can be seen, and that bring tangible comfort, waterproofing is an unseen improvement, but they can make your home secure, more comfortable, dry and healthy when done right with the help of professional experts.

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